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Genius in Hiding

September 11, 2012

Some days I wonder if I really am a genius, but am just hiding it behind a layer of ignorance…hahhaha

Today my USB ports were not working on my laptop – as in my iphone would not automatically begin itunes when I plugged it in and my camera would not down load onto my laptop. So I googled “why wont my USB ports work?” and followed the instructions and TA-DA… they are working. I could well be a genius……… but more likely just good at googling random things 🙂


Last night I said I offered to help out at a working bee fundraiser for a show that I used to be involved in, and hope to be again next year. We were to clean out the sheep pens at the Royal Adelaide Show… remove the hay/straw{?} and scrub and scrape the shit off the boards and in between them. Oh my! what a stinky, smelly, yucky job!! Its good that the show earns a hefty amount of money for the pleasure of doing this. There were 30 of us there, working from 6pm-12am in the stench… ick… getting the areas all clean, painstakingly picking the hay/straw out of each fence, and having it all ready for the next delivery of sheep coming at 1am. Where the process of filling up the pens with hay/straw/urine/manure begins again… which then others {not us} will have to remove it all again via the same process at the end of next week. I really have a healthy appreciaion for the work that goes into the showing sheep, especially as there are hundreds of shows being held around the country, with the same process happening each time.

Half way through the muck out… dirty and stinky… just what good friends are

Dont get me wrong – my lovely friend Ali and I had a fun time, we chatted without kid interuptions and laughed at the crazy lengths we go to to get out of looking after the kids of an evening! When I got home, sore, achey, tired and with many a broom blister on my hands I peeled off my clothes in the garage and showered thouroughly…. and those clothes are washing at the moment. Urggg – and I thought camp smoke smell was bad!

So all I have to say about it all is that I hope anyone attending the Royal Adelaide Show this week will head into the sheep area, take a deep breath, look at the work involved – and thank your lucky stars you were not me last night.

Your welcome.


Today is yet another GLORIOUS day here in adders! and to make the most of it I am sitting outside typing this blog.

I have everything at my fingertips for a good session of catchup – water, coffee, menu planner, shop list pad, camera, kindle to download the latest “Outlander’ book, my diary for sorting out the week and some tasty Delites Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream to munch on.

I need to do the grocery shopping and want to park early at the school and head off for a short wander. Nothing too strenuous today for I am very stiff and sore all over. After gardening Sunday and Monday mornings and then sheeping last night I woke very stiff – and with a migraine that has been building for a week or so. I knew it would eventuate into one soon, and I think the combination of bending down to weed and clean set it in montion. Luckily my new chiro is not as popular as the one I used to see, so he is easy to get into and I as able to get an appointment this morning. I am feeling so much free-er now.

After the chiro I wandered on down to the op-shop, as they say a walk after chiropractic is good for you ;), and picked up a few bits.

Two new containers for the pantry to  help organise a bit more – one tupperware and one decor… and a new handbag – which is nothing flash, a cheapie really but good for toting around doing erands. I am most certainly not a big handbag lover, but get the necessity of them when a purse, phone, keys, waterbottle, sunnies and spare snacks need to be carted around. I am most often seen with a backpack – but these just dont cut it sometimes. Also my other {also cheapie} has begun to fray and split on the handles and looks quite daggy. I am pleased with all this for $12.00, which was at 20% off. Score.



I am pleased to say that I am happily back to tracking, and doing quite well at it.

My count of days on My Fitness Pal is up to 10, Yah! I am still aiming for 50.

I am feeling good, but with totm looming I do find it difficult to remain postive, especially when I feel like a bloated bullfrog.

I am nowhere near as fit as I was a few months ago, but I suppose that it what happens when you have a major injury your trying to heal.My hamstring is becoming increasingly better each day, and I am sure will do so more if I were to just continue on with my exercises given by the physio – rather than say ‘I will do them later’… its time to get back into the rhythm of doing them again.

J is currently beginning early on work shifts, so early gym is not an option, and I seem to keep booking up activities at the time of the classes that I love. Hence I get to 11am and I am soooo not at all interested in working out in the middle of the day. I need to pay more attention to timing and start heading to bed earlier – so that I can fit everything in to my day. I hope to soon be back to working out like I used to, and would like to think that by mid October {4 weeks} that my workouts will be back to what they were like early in the year.

I am still aiming to lose 5kg by the time J graduates, and was half way there, but having that rather massive gain last week put me right back where I began. So I need to keep tracking my food, and focus on exercising in some form each day. I know that will work! and if I dont lose that 5kg, I know that following these simple things will make me a lot better anyway.


Now I had better be off and finish off my menu and shopping list – other wise time will run out and my little walk time will dissapear.

Have a glorious day everyone!!!

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