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Fun shine

September 11, 2012

From Monday……


Another day of fun-shine 🙂 LOVE IT!

Having been reading the Northern hemisphere blogs, they have made me so jealous of their lovely weather… and now its our turn again, and I guess sadly for them it means winter is approaching. So I guess fairs fair 😉

Yesterdays afternoon tea was lovely, and apart from the 92yr old’s sherry being spilt and the beautiful glass breaking when my darling 5yr old tried to help her unwrap her gift, it was a very pleasant afternoon.

Here we are with her…

The girls and their cousins climbed the orange tree {and scratched themselves to pieces..}, they blew bubbles and pretended to cook in the ‘campfire’ in the garden and played with vintage toy cars along the garden wall – all the while the adults chatted and munched on cheese, dips, scones and fruit and sipping on wine and coffee. Yes, a very pleasant afternoon.

Later on when we arrived home, after having fed the kids a very treat meal tea of KFC {and I kept in mind how lovely the afternoon tea was that I had munched on, as well as how bad KFC makes me feel – I didn’t eat not one little bit…yahh} we bathed the kids and noticed how very red and sun burnt both of their arms and noses were! OOOPS… earlier in the day while J and I gardened they lay on the driveway in their prettiest summer dresses, on towels, colouring in and chatting. Miss 8 asked at the time if she should have sunscreen on, and I replied that I didnt think the sun was that warm and some absorption of Vitamin D would be beneficial…. Oh dear… looks like we will have to crack out the bottle and begin already.  Miss 8 is very fair skinned so applying sunscreen even when we figure we don’t feel it is needed  will have to be done.

This morning I have got up a little earlier to bake some cupcakes. This week is my week to head to the Community Garden where I volunteer, and I offered to make morning tea. So I threw together some coconut cupcakes between the kids and I getting ready for school drop off, iced them on my return and raced there in the car. Normally I walk over, as  the garden is only about a 20min walk, but the day being warm and the cupcakes being newly iced did not make a good mix. They were enjoyed by all, and I was told that I could do that again. Of course I do not mind at all for I love to bake, but my hips don’t like me eating the whole lot. If I have willing eaters, I will continue to bake.

While there I did some paving, weeding and cleaning up of a small area that will become another herb garden. I also learnt how to propagate rosemary. This is also why I am there, for I love to garden and would love to learn the skill more. And after when I hit the shops, I was inspired to purchase some seeds to plant -which will add lots of colour to my small garden.

Anyway I have to be heading off, to clean up the house and get ready to head out again for another round of volunteering – this time at the Royal Adelaide Show. I am helping out a theatre show that I will be involved with next year, and in helping out I get to chat with friends I love and also the yearly fee will be reduced for me – which is an added bonus. The job we are doing…. hmmm… is sweeping the sheep pens and cleaning scraping the floor. Yowsers what a job huh??? But I suppose it could be worse and be the cow sheds…. eeeeew! We have been asked to bring a paint scraper and a long handled screw driver… so I can only imagine what we will be doing. While its a shitty {get it} job I am sure we will have lots of laughs, and I will come home feeling good.

And thats all that matter right??

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