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15 mins – and a 50 day challenge

September 4, 2012

I have 15mins to bang out a quickie post and then move to the couch to watch QI and sit for a bit with the husband {and crochet 😉 }. We have had THE busiest week, where I have run around and done so much for others that I am having a breather this week and pulling back on everything.

Everything that is except the kids music night, Miss L’s class cooking, Miss A’s turn to host assembly, kids swimming lessons, a blood donation, a doc appointment, a scrapbooking evening, the drive in and a morning tea to celebrate 92yrs of life.


Ahhh….Soon enough I will acknowledge to myself that it will never stop… so I will just need to stop whining.

I have mucho to chat about, and many photo’s to show, but all that will have to wait till tomorrow, when I have some “free” time 🙂

But for now I will say that I went and did a gym class today, first one in a about 3weeks – and it was okay. I did the Total Body Conditioning class which I actually like as it consists of all over toning {much needed} with cardio included. I am still suffering the long winded hamstring injury so I am still taking things easy, but I just needed for someone else to tell me what to do. I get bored telling myself to life that weight and spend that 20mins on a machine. It was just what the doctor {didnt} order. I did tell the instructor about said injury and he was good at guiding me thru some different activities I really could not do – 1) inability to move that way still and 2) fear of re-hurting. I am glad I went and am sure that I will feel some stiffness in the old muscles tomorrow – which I strangely look forward too.

I am attempting to track all my food and stick at it for a lengthy time, but I swore loudly the other night when I realised that my 20 day run of logging in and tracking on My Fitness Pal had come to an end when I forgot the all important log in on Saturday! Fuck it. I was aiming for 50days 😦

But I have begun again and am up to day 2. This time I aim to get to the number 50 and to do so will have to remember that I CAN log on via my phone, which is a very handy thing. I also have two friends on there with me, and it is nice to see them logging on each day and watching their number tick ever upwards too… Good on you Mel and Jill!

Okay times up and the couch calls….


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