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Fitting it together – a post that lasts a week

August 30, 2012

Sunday 26.8: Not a thing:

I sat down earlier to write something, and you know what? Nothing came to mind. Not an idea, not a word. I just stared at the screen.

So bizarre cos on many a night and many a walk I have words flowing and tumbling around just begging for a title and to be arranged into a great blog post.

But today…. nothing. And its not as if I have not done anything… far from it – my last few days have been filled up so full that I am just chilling today.


Monday 27.8: Peaks and Troughs:

A few days of down in the dumps has left me feeling a little more energised today. I seem to regularly have these days wallowing in a ‘trough’, and then can feel myself mentally climbing my way out. I really should document the days, and my cycle to see if there really is a greater connection than the co-incidence I casually give it.

Also went to the gym at 6am today, and once again did elliptical, rowing and weights. This could have something to do with feeling better…


Tuesday 28.8: Michelle Bridges 12wbt

I need to also do a round-up of my time doing the Michelle Bridges 12wbt Round 2… which has now finished and they are already going on Round 3. Due to shortened cash flow this year, only one round is what I am able to do, and while I enjoyed it I am kinda glad it’s over. Having a hamstring injury during the entire 12 weeks is not something I would recommend – for it greatly impaired me when it came to do the fitness challenges every four weeks and also her SSS workouts on a Saturday. Not being able to participate in the fitness challenge, and eventually the big any workouts made me feel like I was cheating the program by the time it neared the end. And as generally happens I began to feel less than interested about the whole deal.

I really liked the recipes, I really like the on-line support, but I found it difficult to remain interested and focused when so much of the site, the talks, the forums and the general overall themes were exercise. Which I couldn’t do. Well I did do it all to begin with, but it certainly did not help my injury one bit – only leading me to sit on the side lines now longer than I should of originally needed to. Perhaps a bit of feedback on taking part in the program around an injury would be helpful to the organisers? I know they say that food accounts for 80%, but really the focus on exercise is just as high.

Anyway – I did okay doing the program, and after this Wednesday weigh in {one week to late}, and after I have taken my measurements in the morning {also one week too late} I will put up my final stats. I didn’t lose masses of weight but I have lost some and I have toned a little. What I have done during the last 12wks that I have found to be the most beneficial is that I have been able to become re-focused on my goals of living and eating healthily and in doing so was able to stop the steady weight gain that lead me further away from a healthy BMI. I don’t know if I will ever get back down to my WW goal weight, perhaps one day I will, but for now losing 5kg of the 10kg I have gained is important to me. And to do that I need to keep a stern eye on my hand reaching out and picking at stuff and a strong will against a mind that justifies good behaviour with treating oneself.

This I know, & this I remind myself daily.

This is what I have to do if I wish to remain at a healthy weight for my height, and for my mental wellness.

Some days it sucks, mainly when the petulant child in me whines that how come no-one else has to live like this… wah wah wah….

But most days, I am cool with it.


Wednesday 29.8: Weight changes

Tonight at WW the scales showed a loss. Whoooppeeee… a cool as anything .700g and for that I am :mrgreen:

So officially after 12 weeks with the 12wbt I have lost 2.4kg. Which when I look back at my goals I set a few days before I began that number is exactly what I had anticipated I would lose {Dream goal was to have lost 5kg, but my realistic goal was between 2-3kg} Also if I go back, right back to when I originally lost my 25kg to get to WW goal weight – that weight loss averaged out to .250g/ week over 2.5yrs… and this averages out to .200 /week. So all up I am right on target with my tried and tested weight loss ways. And these ways for me are not a total restriction ‘diet’ and that I am okay with. I would rather eat and enjoy and lose weight slowly than say ‘no’ ‘no thanks’ ‘not for me’ all.the.time. I am happy {of course some days I aint!!} to have the weight come off slower if that means I get to eat the food I like in moderation.

I now have a goal to lose 5kg by the time J graduates at the end of January – and at my .250g/wk steady rate –  that works…. And that’s if I take it from now… and don’t add on the 2.4 already taken off the gained 10. But I will be totally happy to be 5kg less, to have my hamstring healed and be fit and active!

I need to take my measurements, and will do tomorrow in the morning, and that will be interesting to see what I have lost all over.

The elliptical trainer, rower and weights at the Gym at 6am again today is helping those good endorphins flow, and the scales drop lower J


 Thursday 30.8: Catching up

So this week has been busy, as you can tell by 4 days post written and saved to Drafts unfinished. I really should learn from this and just post ‘em – as re-viewing them and putting them all together in a single post has taken me far longer than it should!

Lots has been going on round here mainly in preparation to the little party I hinted about… but more on that next week when the secret is out and the party is over!

But here are a few sneaky shots of tasty treats being made…

Broken up sponge awaiting the Jelly

Jelly added to make the beginnings of Trifle

Also our school photo’s came back… are they not too cute {and neat. So neat looking} for words!

These children DO NOT look that neat when I pick them up… so I can only assume that this photo was taken the second they walked into the classroom.

Also I had the great privilege to baby sit my youngest nephew today – his first time with someone else other than daddy or mummy… and boy was it a lovely afternoon.

Mental note to self, do not sit like this nor slouch, for it does widen you so….

Of course I got nothing done at all! Around the house that is… for I got lots done to do with one precious little boy… I played and tickled and cuddled and changed nappies, and loaded the car up to.the.hilt with stuff {& just for school pickup…} and fed and bathed. We had a lovely few hours and my girls were in heaven to have him all themselves for some time after school. I figured having a baby for a few hours would cure my acute case of cluckiness {and clock-ticky-ness} and yep – it did. For while I loved having him here… boy its tough work and the STUFF you have to have  – all of mine is gone now so to re-purchase/collect it all seems daunting enough to know when its time to walk away from that blissful little image in the sky {happy now J???}

Anyway… I think its time to hit publish and go to bed. After a walk with a girlfriend this morning and all the days busyness my pedometer read around the 18000 steps {before resetting itself grrr} I am pooped!

I plan on doing my little gym thing tomorrow morning – elliptical, rower and weights – which would make it 3 mornings this week! An achievement in my books that’s for certain J


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  1. bubblymel permalink
    September 1, 2012 10:35 pm

    Oh Lea! What a busy week! Well done on the weight loss! Which I could say the same!! After pretty much 3.5 months of absolutely no freakin’ exercise my body is paying me back big time!! Anyway it is now spring and time to spring clean my life!! I no longer want to post about not doing exercise! I have 2 months before our Queensland trip and if I put my mind to it I can lose 3-4kg, which means I will be close to what I was at my lowest weight recorded!! Great pics of the girls and H!!! What a cutie!! I am constantly clucky so can totally relate!!! Love you xxxx

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