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Skipping School

August 24, 2012

The kids and I are heading into town today and I have let them have the day off school! Wheeeee.

I have booked them in for an appointment with the Podiatrist at the Uni {see I am excited by this new find and will continue to exploit it!} which are at 9.30 & 10.30am.. so I figured by the time we get out and catch the bus home it will be lunch time and not worth sending them to school for an hour or two {well really…. not worth my time to drive there and back twice in two hours πŸ˜‰ } Our time will be better spent heading to the Museum, or the Art Gallery – both which are free – and discovering a new section yet unexplored looking at the same stuff we look at each time. It should be a fun day, its just a shame the weather here in Adders is crappy. Although it does give a great reason for boots, jeans, beanies and fluffy jumpers to be worn!

I love this quote…

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” — Sir Rannulph Fiennes


I was up and at the gym today by 6.30am. And it feels good. Elliptical, rowing, walking and weights. An all over easy workout.

Yesterday I wanted to go as well but a long day was planned for me, as I spent it baking goodies for an upcoming party I am hosting {Throwing?}, so I decided to give gym a miss.

We want to be organised early, so have baked 6 tasty treats that are now frozen ready to be thawed in time to serve. These desserts make up only a 1/3 of what we have planned… yah!…. as being a Pastry Chef I cannot have the dessert table looking poorly now, can I?? So we are having fun cooking, and mixing and tasting πŸ˜‰

I dont want to say too much about this little par-tay in case the recipient is reading… I have no idea if they are or not…??? So I will leave it till after to write about.

I did pay attention though, to how much I was shoving in my gob as we were chopping up Honeycomb bites, cherries, chocolate and other fun baking items. I probably ate more than the picking levels I chanted to myself to only eat on the drive there, but I still did okay. I came home and tracked it all, so that was a success on my behalf – as normally I forgetΒ  ignore them all and am surprised at weigh in day when I gain, as my tracker shows a perfect week… this is something I work on continually. In all other areas of my life I have perfect memory :mrgreen:


Anyways, its time to go and get ready. the kids are getting restless and one of them has hair like a mad thing….
I I dkal

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