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On the mend

August 21, 2012

My hamstring is on the mend! Such a nice feeling. I visisted my new Physio again today, and after spending the past five days doing stretches and strengthening exercises and cutting back on the exercise I have made good progress towards full healing in all areas of movement and flexibility. I am super pleased. I am still going to take it easy on the exercise side of things, and was advised to keep walking only 20-30mins – which I hope to do each day, I just need to plan out my week to make it happen.

So with reduced exercise I need to keep my eating under control. And that is where I have been falling behind and super slacking off.

I say each wednesday, while at WW after weigh in, I am super confidant/determined that the next week is going to be a good week, focused and with a lack of picking at bits. Then I go home, eat tea, convince J to go and get me something nice… it goes down hill from there… Moral… I NEED to stop treating wednesday night at my night to shove all sorts of crappola into my gob thinking its okay as I have a week to rewind the damage. Thing is… I never actually stop eating the crap, and I cant undo that amount of cals – especially do so little exercising as I am. So it needs to stop. I need to stop this quickly returning returned habit. I have to do this to get my mind swtiched back into health.


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  1. bubblymel permalink
    August 28, 2012 1:07 pm

    Oh My gosh!! I hear ya!! I am feeling so yuck due to no exercise for like 3 months and just need to snap out of it! I have put on toooooooo much weight and now none of my nice pants fit me 😦 and I have a stomach that looks like I am pregnant! I think with Spring in the air it’s time to cut the crap and just do it!

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