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Friends and food

August 19, 2012

Sunday morning… after a girls night – where there was wine and dip and home made biscuits, home made pizza and chocolate fondue and fun dipping goodies like snakes, homemade shortbread and fruit… Oh it was delicious.

Photo: Pizza and fondue with my girls! Yeah yeah

So damn good to catch up with long time girlfriends.

And amazing to sit and listen to how the conversation flows easily between odd subjects – children, sex, husbands, butt plugs, waxing, hot play school presenters, handcuffs,sex, food, 50 shades and back to children. So damn funny.


Twas a great night – but now I am feeling a bit Urrrgghhhh – due to sugars, alcohol and rich food.

I am having a quiet morning here at home, the dishwasher is on, the house is put back to its normal arrangement and the family have left me alone for a few hours 🙂

J has gone to do a cross fit challenge for work, the kids have gone to their Grannies for some babysitting and quality time and I was going for a walk with a friend but she blew me off pulled out at the last minute. So instead I am doing a bit of scrapping and will bus into town and walk out to meet J at his event. I guess it worked out for the best her not coming, but it still disappointing, I would liked to have had a good chat while walking, but I was …….ahhhh… best to leave it there I reckon.

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    August 20, 2012 4:38 pm

    Oh So wished I could have been there!!!!

    • August 21, 2012 9:42 pm

      Iam sure no one will object to us doing another next time your over… 😉

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