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Sugar Urges and crunchy bits

August 17, 2012
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** this was written on Tuesday 14th – I am doing a catch-up and posting those I have had saved in drafts all week **

I am feeling a bit flat today, partly tiredness, partly ttom…

I am still trying to eat sugar free, to rid myself of the yucky feeling that sugar gives. I can eat a small amount, but on the weekend I ate more than a small bit 😳

So while I am feeling this way, its tough trying to resist the urge for that quick pep-up that sugar brings. But I did have a win today… I walked right past the chocolates in the that heavenly smelling aisle… I even had a bag of toffee’s in my hand – justifying/negotiating with myself that I should buy them now for a party coming up in 2.5wks – and then I pictured myself opening the bag and just having one – but I need to be strong so I put them back  and came home to have a pear chopped up with Vaalia Lemon Creme {a new love} over the top. I feel better now… and am happy I avoided that sugar overload.


Lunch today I heated up some soup, Cauliflower and Bacon, so tasty. Sadly I thinks it was the last bowl that was in the freezer. But I have ingredients ready to make Minestrone in the next day or two 🙂

I had planned to have toast, but at the last minute dreamed up this tasty treat instead.

Well, okay maaaybe it wasn’t my idea originally, but it did pop into my head randomly and I have never made it before.

Parmesan Cheese Mountain Bread Crunchies:

Simple as, tasty as, easy as.

Here’s my method:

  • Spray Mountain bread with cooking spray {or olive oil}
  • Sprinkle on grated Parmesan
  • Bake under the griller for a nanosecond {seriously do not wander off to put a load of washing on… cos that baby will burn faster than you can run back to the oven cursing}

And here it is… golden and crunchy

Then just snap it up and devour.

Even better was that the little bits that dropped/cracked off while munching, went into my soup and added flavour and tiny/thin croutons.


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