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Brain Dumping and Hammy Hurting

August 17, 2012

I am getting behind, and have two posts in drafts to finish up and publish. There is lots to talk about from my days, and I just don’t seem to be getting on here as often as I would like to discuss it all, and it just hit me now as to why… J has taken over my desk in the study. Now that I no longer need it for uni and as his desk is in the main area of the house, he finds mine ahem, the main desk to be quieter, so he has migrated there. I will have to push him out of the way sometimes to get in my daily fix of unloading my brain, as lately I have found myself lying awake at night with words swirling into posts as I attempt to sleep – perhaps this be the cause.

I actually went to the gym today! I know, what a surprise… to my body too! After suffering from that Hurting Hammy for almost 3.5mnths now I have finally admitted that working out heavily on it is not helping the healing and only stopping and resting it will work. It took me a while to push that thought through my fat head… sheesh.

So for the last 3 weeks I have only been walking every few days and have cut out anything too energetic. But today  – I just needed to move, to remind myself of why I love to exercise. So at the gym I did a  Pump class, and yes, I took it really easy. Only having the top step on the floor, not lifting my leg too much and only used hand weights instead of the bar. I informed the instructor of my injury and she was really good at keeping a close eye on me to make sure I was taking it easy. I felt so much better after, so I am glad I went.

The other reason for attending is that after finally admitting to myself that continuing to work out was not healing it and ignoring it was not healing it… it was time to seek professional help. So I booked into the Universities Physiotherapy clinic, which is cheap as chips for a student like me and saw a 4th yr student. He was great, and after explaining and showing him the extent of this injury he concluded that I had indeed strained my hamstrings, but right up where they join the hipbone. And he also went on to say that if I had come in straight away we could have had this fixed a whole lot earlier. Well I live and learn. What I will say is that the 3 weeks of kinda resting I have been doing has worked as I was able to demonstrate movements a lot easier than I previously had been able to. He has given me stretches and strengthening exercises to do, and told me that light exercise is fine, and I should being to see improvement soon. So yes, I have been given clearance to do classes at the gym, but at 1/4 of the pace I normally do.

I am so glad to have an end in sight for this!



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