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So many small things to mention…

August 13, 2012

A week off uni, and I am doing stuff – lots of stuff, and all of its good!

I can remember in order so I will use photo’s to remind me 🙂 and just tell stories from them.

1. Pickled Onion Relish.

As one friend on FB said…’hello 1985’…. they may well be from teh 80’s but I have just discovered them, via my mum, and I heart them to bits! I love pickled anything, and all of it goes well with a bit of cheese on a cracker. Luckily the Sao’s have run out now {mental note needed to stop buying them…} so I can end that short addiction period of my life. The mix was like a party in my mouth! nom.

Also I like that they are made her in SA.

2. Urban Soldier:

J ran this fun race last week, and it looked like such fun – hard bloody work  – but tonnes of fun. Hopefully this damn glut/hammy injury {Yes still…from way back in May…} will have healed by next years race. And hopefully I can find someone to join me in some good old muddy workout fun!

3. Jerusalem Artichokes – Silverbeet

In line with finding new activities to get involved in I began working today at a local Community Garden. And this is what I bought home with me 🙂 One of my jobs was to dig up the Jerusalem Artichoke, and I was surprised to see  how big the growth of tubers were underground.  I am going to plant some of the tubers of the Jerusalem Artichoke {or sunchoke} in my garden and hope I get the same yield.

They say that it grows and flowers like a sunflower.

Plant and flower Tubers…

The web pages I have looked up say its like a potato. Now to find a tasty recipe to cook them in – Stay tuned for a recipe post.

The silver beet I added to my pizza, and our very slim day-before-shopping veg pickings. It was super good. The Pizza has left over prawn, mushroom and capsicum Mexican pasta sauce as the base, then ham, silver beet and cheese. TASTY.

4. Lemons

Now that the sun has a little more heat in it, and you can just feel that spring is not far away – it was time to begin again in the garden. So this last week of freedom has seen me out there for an hour at a time on two or three days, cleaning up the kids toys, pruning tree’s long overdue, weeding garden beds and chopping back overgrown beds. I also picked few lemons off the Lemon tree before I lopped off the yucky branches and made it a lot smaller but hopefully healthier in the coming months. Its looks so much better out in the garden now and I hope want to find myself out there a lot this summer.

5. Crochet Rug

This is my next little project – sort of inspired by this one

After a clean out of my lounge room I relocated my wool stash…and on sorting through I found that I had plenty of vibrant rainbow colours, Fun and bright, but with lots of little balls {teehee she said balls….}. So instead of leaving them for anther eternity I decided to put it all to good use and stitch them together. I plan on 12 squares, with black wool joining them, and as of tonight I have 6 completed.



Well this side of life kinda took a back seat while at uni and exercise kinda stopped just cause this hamstring/ glut injury is just not healing.

And I will admit to having some lots of trouble getting back into the swing of things. Baking school lunch munchies on the weekend did not help. Eating 2/3 of them helped less. Attending a party totally unprepared, and lunch-less, for the white bread chicken sandwiches {with cheese AND mayo… teeeny nom} and tonnes of lollies. Heading to my mums house and picking at this and that and just being bored and out of routine had me standing in the pantry pick-pick-picking. Too much sugar, too much food.

I feel slobby and lethargic. And I hate that.

I have been moving by doing some walking and I went to the gym at 6am today. This was an easy session. I am trying to keep my exercise intensity down, for exercising hard has not helped the healing. I know, the best healing option is to stop, but I don’t want to do that completely, so I have slowed. It sucks, and I hate it… only because it makes it harder to head out the door the next time – the excuse ‘oh I am resting my leg so I wont go today’ slips out more than I like.

This does not help the slobbery.

Tomorrow I hope to have a day without sugar, as I know this will make me feel so much better in three-ish days. I just gotta get through it.

I have cleared the pantry of its goodies, banished them to a secret location where they normally live, where only my husbands knows. Once hidden I have no urge to look for them. The old outta-sight-outta-mind trick works well for my brain. But lately I have slipped into old habits and the good stuff {erm bad stuff} has been left sitting in full view in the pantry. Not good for a picker. So it was time it all went.

I feel better just for writing it out.

Its time to move on.


Its time to move in more ways than one….. and that I will talk about tomorrow 🙂 Night.

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  1. Jane permalink
    August 14, 2012 2:15 pm

    I just finished my week old pack of sao’s too, I’m making the same mental note not to buy again 🙂

  2. August 14, 2012 4:48 pm

    They are just too good!

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