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Almost at the end of Wk 1

July 26, 2012

So I am four days in and I feel okay. I have not nose-dived and bombed.


This week is a bit of a quiet-er one compared to the other 12-14 wks that are to follow. Three out of four subjects are Laboratory based, meaning week one is all about learning what the course is about and becoming familiar before they shove you in a room wearing while coats, clear glasses and tell you to go play with/look at sharp, dangerous, hot, hurty and gooey things.

So this week is the build up….to greater things perhaps??? that I cannot answer.

But to list out some positives…

**I have not bought anything at all from the Cafe, no chocolate or coffee. And I hope to make that a continuing thing. I want to be organised enough each day to take all my own food, to save cash, to aid in the riddance of fat and to help maintain some level of fitness and mindset. Also, strangely, barrista {however good or bad} coffee does nothing for me at the moment and the thought of drinking it turns my stomach – weird – but true.

**I am s l o w l y remembering all I learnt during Chemistry early in 2010. Yowsers that was a long time ago. To help keep the stress levels low I made myself this note –


and stuck it in within close range. There is a lot to {re}learn, but I need to remember that panicking wont enable me to learn AT ALL – so best do it slowly and easily. I also hope to find a tutor via the Uni.

** I am trying to exercise when I can. The other day I did a huge walk home, hopping off the bus not only a few stops earlier but a almost 7km earlier. I really enjoyed listening to two podcasts and being out on my own on a lovely winters day. Tonight I did a one hour Pump class – and while I normally dont like cant get interested nor motivated for evening exercise I really! enjoyed this one. The instructor has the most amazing sinewy muscley shoulders, and was very good.  I have come home with a mini-hope of trying to attempt to get to this one each week, thus almost covering my strength training in one go.

** I had a small loss of .400 this week – after having a .900 gain last week, the result of my ‘perfect storm’ – PMT, a cold and stress.

**Tomorrow I begin my first subject which has anything to do with food… Sensory Analysis of Food. Finally a subject which has a focus that I really enjoy 🙂 Food. In this one we do taste testing!! This subject was one of the two I began in 2010 before I pulled out – so I know what is coming… there was chocolate tasting – cola tasting and vinegar tasting… should be interesting to see how the subject finishes up.

** I have folded 5 washing baskets of clothes, tidied the kids rooms and cleaned the kitchen up totally in the last 24hrs. Nothing like procrastination from learning Chemistry to get your housework done :mrgreen: I knew it would happen, so I intentionally didnt get the house ‘ready’ for full time study.

Speaking of procrastination……….

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