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Worked it out

July 24, 2012

I worked it out. Why I was so jittery yesterday.

I had completely forgotten to write down where each of my lectures/tutes/pracs were. And in a rabbit warren of UniSA – and as a ‘mature age’ student aiming to fit in – wandering around lost is so. not. cool.

I want to say I dont know why it got me into such a panic, but that would be a lie. Its the above sentences reason, and the seed of self-doubt reason. And it was a good thing I panicked had a moment – for when I went hunting for my list in enrollments it was not there! I clicked everything possible, and clicked them all again….as they have a very large site I found other interesting things, but I went all over the place. No luck. Again I clicked on my enrollment to check if I had missed anything, and there was one bothersome form that I had to look over, would do that later, but nothing else.

Have you guessed where it was yet? yeah, turns out that bothersome form was pretty important, and they were not releasing any further info until you HAD signed it – they wanted to know how I was going to pay them money… figures huh? So magically, paperwork signed or agreed box checked and ta-da all my enrollment information is there in front of my eyes. Room numbers and all.


Much happier.


I have come out of a sucky week – and I can feel that I am actually on the upward side of a trough.

I think it was a combination of nerves, a cold and ttom – sort of a perfect storm if you will 🙂

I have been tired, lethargic and uninterested. Dragging my butt to gym classes, eating this and that, picking here and there and knowing I dont want to worry about it all until another day. Really unlike me, but it was what it was. I am happy to know that it will soon pass, and I will be back to normal shortly.


I walked today – from Klemzig to home. 6.79km.

I have eaten no extra sugary goodies, not foods that cause my digestion to scream out at 3.30am.

I am clawing my way back.


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