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Laying low.

July 19, 2012

Yesterday was a low day for me.

I was in such a funk.

In fact I began a post stating that fact, got bored of writing and left it to sit and look at me.

Then I opened up my scrapbooking, and sat and looked at that for a while.

Then I opened up my Chemistry text book, and sat and looked at that for a mere second or two.

Then I shut the book, turned the light off and went and sat on the couch for the rest of the day.

I shut the curtains and enjoyed the warmth.

I watched iview all day, Gavin and Stacey, Grand Designs and Saving Country Homes

and did my crochet.

Made cups of tea and coffee, and warmed a frozen leftover meal.

And continued to sit.

And pick at food.

So very lazy of me.


I did go to the gym early on it the morning and do a Fat Burner workout.

But even that I was feeling very lackluster, and I walked through most of it.

At one point I was thinking about what I would do after the class had ended… and when I checked the time it was only 3mins into it. sigh.

But i completed the class, and went home.


Sometimes you gotta go with the flow.

Not everyday is going to be a hero day.


Today I feel a lot better.

More in control, more focused, more ready to remove some of the little weight gain I had this week.

Due to picking at this and that. Due to not caring as much.

Due to feeling good the week before and thinking that I deserve/want/need/can have it.

and that, and that, and bit more of that.


I must of needed that day of brain/body rest to recuperate my energy to keep going on.

And going on {downwards in weight and up in fitness} I will.

For the other way it just not what I want out of this life.



There is the little thing of Uni beginning next week.

I have all the course info now. I have the timetable.

I have the kids sorted where they are going and what time.

And I have frozen meals in the process of being cooked and stored for future busy nutso days.

Its very real.

And I am very scared.

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