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Sunday workout

July 15, 2012

J and I stepped outside in the cool 8deg morning to complete my 12wbt SSS workout today – super session sunday. πŸ™‚

It was called Pyramid of Pain – and there were a few moments during the 1 million {slight exaggeration…} push-ups that I was in pain. Other than than I felt strong doing all the workouts. My arms now feel like jelly, and holding my coffee cup and typing this is proving to be difficult!

I ended the session with only 700 cals burnt, and Michelle Bridges recommends that 1000cals are burnt on this workout. So while J went for a run with the dog, I skipped… and got to 15mins of almost continuous skipping… I didnt stop for longer than 1 min, or if i was tiring I just did that weird one leg step/jump over. All the same I am amazed that I could last that long while skipping. The kids came out to join me near the end and Miss L is getting quite good at it. I must make more of an effort to skip with her each week – and it will be a benefit to both of us!

At the end of the skipping I had advanced another 200 cals, so it was off for a walk round the block – which included the husband, both kids and the dog. We ended up at the local playground for a swing and I ever so lightly ran up and down to finish off the calorie burn to 1000. Nice one Lea!

I am pleased to have completed this workout. There are many times when my brain says ‘No you CANT do this’ I try to ignore and mostly I succeed. And when I do I feel so much better.

My eating this week has left me feeling low, so being able to complete this workout with all the factors like cold, hunger and a warm house being right there in my face is pleasing. I hope know this will be the turn around that I am looking for.


The rest of the day for us consists of changing the laundry round…again. This time to fit the new washing machine in a better spot. We put it in the same spot as the old one, but its a teeny bit bigger, is slightly squished and not evenly balanced. As we very much found out when it went into its spin cycle last night!!!!! Yowsers that thing has power – and it almost shook the whole house where it is sitting at the moment! Pictures on the walls behind were all askew! We had to lean on it and hang on to it to absorb some of the juddering into us instead of the tiles on the wall, and we were not falling for that trick of stopping it again. No clothes need 3 washes…. πŸ™‚

What fun!




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