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July 10, 2012

Guess what?? This is my 400th post! woohoo to health and happiness and all it brings.

I have had a pretty busy few days – running around doing lots of small jobs, appointments and catch ups – like ballet slipper shopping, swimming lessons, family visiting, mums group day, the gym and dr visiting.

I am stuffed. My house is a mess. And I have not had time to shop, so who knows what we will conjure up for tea tonight with 3 capsicums and bean sprouts?? Here kids…. its surprise pie… Surprise its capsicum and bean shoot pie!!

I would defrost something in the microwave…. if this was not burnt in it today! ICK!

Chicken and veggie soup…. al la carcinogenic!

Seems that I must of pressed 30:00 instead of 3:00…. oh dear.

and stupidly I left the microwave running while I ducked out to buy ballet slippers…. not my normal practice I will have you know… so that is why I never noticed how long it was taking. Naughty lea! The husband pointed out in his text “Do you know how bad that could of been…” Well yes – dear husband I am aware of my stupidity… and the potential to burn our house down… not to mention that all my scrapbooking still sitting in the dining room would be the first to go!!! Aaaaaaayyyyeeeeee!

So as well as a messy house – it also smells really badly of burnt plastic. Double ICK!! I have all the doors open and a beautifully scented Black Raspberry wax melt burning, but I am afraid its is 4.53pm and almost time to close the house up to the winter evening. Hope the melt keeps the smell at bay!


Today also I received back  my last grade for Study Period 2 – and it was another Distinction! All my other Distinctions have been on the low end of the % scale.. only just nudging over – this one was on the other end of the Distinction % scale… and I was  mere 2% off  it being a High Distinction. Be gone Self Doubt {note to self… remember this…} 🙂

So for the two subjects I received overall 4 Distinctions, 1 Credit and 1 Pass 1 {which is closer to a Credit then a fail}. And I am pretty happy about that.

Also I am 12 days from beginning the next Study Period. I hope this happy place remains!



This morning I hit the treadmill first – as we were ready early to go to my gym – the Miracle of the day! I walked for 15 then toddled off to the Total Body Conditioning class. I had the instructor from when I originally hurt my hammie/butt muscle… so I let him know it was still sore so he would go easy-er on me. It was a good class and I burnt 820cals!

I also tracked all day, keeping within my 1200 range! Not easy when your lunch becomes a cinderbox and everything else is either frozen solid or still at the shops as you have not gotten there yet to do the grocery shopping. But as always its amazing what you can pull together when you need – I had two boiled eggs, half a pita bread toasted till crispy and half a left over veggie curry {also from frozen} with some natural yogurt dolloped on top. It was quite delicious actually – and I think I enjoyed it more than I would of the soup.

Our surprise pie idea for tea – did not go down well as it turns out….so the squids had a defrosted meal of spag bol and we searched through the fridge and found a few more bits and pieces of veggies hanging around. With them we made Biriyani-esk meal.

Not the greatest photo 🙂

A curried stir fry of veg, chicken and rice.

It was quite delicious as well, and the bonus it made four serves… I see it as a lunch meal in the very near future!


But for now – I am heading the couch for some much earned arse-sitting time…

I will make a coffee and enjoy the delights of the tele,

all while waiting for the double episode of Survivor to come on at 10.30pm!

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