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Holidays can be tough…

July 6, 2012

Kids and food – this is what holidays spell out.

I am resisting… most of it… but a nibble here and there and a bite here and there and taste here and there…all do add up. And for me picking is a way that I can slowly and easily get everything I need want/have to have without having to actually acknowledge it. Funny enough the saying ‘little pickers wear big knickers’ came to mind last night – while we had friends over and there were goodies lying around. I didnt have much – all at once – but over the evening… yeah it added up. Even today on an outing to the shops – where I had taken my own lunch and fruit, I found myself having a little bite of a hot dog and a sip of the milkshake. I had to eventually say to my kids for them to stop me. And then I didnt want anymore – I guess cos its no longer sneaking-and-thinking-I-am-getting-away-with-it food its just me being greedy, and now someone else was paying attention. It worked all the same and I stopped.


I went to the gym this morning and did my usual pump class. I love it – but todays was difficult as there were 3 newies in with us and the instructor kept it simple for teaching purposes. I know they have to be taught and need time to learn, for I once was those newies, but its hard for those expecting a KILLA workout… okay… so its hard for me to accept a change in the plan. So I tuffened up and did what I could and ended up burning 700cals – phew. You know I do hope those newies return and do another class and another – cos it benefits them, the class… and {cheekily said} of course me 🙂


I had been ignoring my tracking from yesterday – hoping that it might just go away, but I sucked it up and did it.. and it was not as bad as I had originally thought. Which is good.

Tomorrow I am attending a full day scrap session with lunch supplied – so I have marked this as a day to pay attention. Lunch normally is soup and a salad roll – so I can easily eat healthy with that menu. Its the morning tea, cakes, biscuits and long stick packets of coffee that I need to steer clear of. I have a little container of WW lollies to take along and might take a serving of Jarrah in case I feel the sweetness-after-savoury feeling… I guess that is better than cake.

One thing I do really need to remember ALL day – is that I am there to scrapbook – NOT eat.


Okay, today is done, yesterday is done. I need to brighten up my attitude and move on.

I have just planned a 10km walk for tomorrow morning – so that should make me feel great!

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