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Projects done – Rooms cleaned up – Burpees conquered

July 2, 2012

The previous few days have been filled with waving my future cop off to work, taking the kids to school and enjoying some quiet time on my own.

But now that school holidays have begun the quiet days will end – although I am looking forward to spending some quality mother/daughter time with them and have planned some fun activities that they love to do – parks/playgrounds, swimming, baking, Drive in movie, bike riding, craft and perhaps a bit of shopping {the bit I hate…}.

So whats the title about? Well….

*This week I finally finished my crochet rug…{here it is at half way} and I am excited….yipeee… it looks great and sure is warm and cosy to sit under! I just need to work out what project to do next!! 😉

*We sorted out our lounge room – which has been gathering crap stuff while it has been sitting “empty” – as the lounge suite we were ‘couch sitting’  went back to its original home some time ago. The piles of nothing-really-important-but-not-sure-where-else-to-put-it-so-just-shove-it-in-the-lounge-till-we-find-somewhere-better were starting to increase and I realised that wasn’t even opening the curtains in that room as I hated the space so much – so we got stuck into it yesterday, cleaned it up, chucked stuff out and donated that rest –  and now it looks great. I even emptied two boxes of picture frames that have been moved from one space to anther for the last two years!!! Achievement plus!

*J and I did our own workout in the backyard yesterday – and it was a cracker! With a deck of cards… or as we did with the ideck app, each suit has its own workout and each card number is the number of reps…. ie: 6 hearts was 6x push ups, 8 hearts = 8 push ups – you get the idea?? The face cards were all 10 burpees… so with a jack, queen and king x four suits…. you do the maths!!!!!!!! 120 burpees. And those cards must of known what was going on for the last two cards drawn were the king and queen of spades…. 20 burpees to end the session!!! yowsers.

I almost cried and quit at one point. But I didnt – I JFDI, and then we both kept going till my polar watch and his Sunto read this…

And boy was I pleased smug at the end. I felt really great and so appreciative for my good health – to be able to do this style of workout it a wonderful thing really!


Today I am nursing a strange kinda hangover… see previous post… and am feeling absolutely terrible! Nothing at all like the high I felt yesterday after the workout… 😦 This may be too much info but I need to remain close at hand to a bathroom – for my body tells me in no uncertain terms that I have eaten foods it does not agree with…. and by that I do not mean vomiting. I feel bleugh and need to just relax. Not the way I wish to spend a child fee day at all!!

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