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Weigh In Wed

June 27, 2012

Hee hee – I made it thru another week and I am smiling.

I am tracking, working out {and hurting… so I know the working out is working 😉 } and eating good healthy food. I am also {almost} half way to reaching my goal this week of sticking to within 1200cals per day. And if I do I have promised myself a much needed hair cut – but to make the new cut even more awesome-er {is that even a word??}  to have a colour put in!! I know – going all out and spending the big bucks…

So this week I feel I have done well – I feel better, look better and weigh just slightly less – I lost .300g.

And that is great – for I have had a few days here and there where eating was not beyond my control but I pretended it was that way…. I guess…. thus enabling myself to go NUTS on a cheese and dip platter and a bowl of lollies. I am not pleased to admit it – but that is what this ‘game’ is all about. Accepting. Learning. Moving on.

I have had other days when all was right in my world and I ate food that not only kept me healthy but did not make me feel like opening up my own belly and digging it back out. Gross I know – but by god I felt that ill. I am getting better at saying no {and trying to keep a mental image/sensation of how yuck it makes me feel after}  and I hope to improve on this year.

Since the 12wbt has begun I have lost 1.5kg – which in four weeks for my bodies weight loss ways {and my self-sabotaging ways…. ahem….}  is a good nay great achievement. Tomorrow I am re-doing the fitness test, and my measurements so that will be interesting to see what other results are coming from this fantastic plan!


Other news:

Tomorrow night I shall be sleeping with my very own cop!

Yep that time for our leap of faith has rolled around and tomorrow begins a new era of employment for my husband. He {and I} is excited to begin, and has spent the day polishing his shoes, ironing clothes and packing his bag. He is eas xcited as a 5yr old beginning school! All I can say is Good luck to you babe  – I hope your future in this career brings about all the challenges you need and love.

All I can say is…….

woohooo bring on the handcuffs 😉 😉

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