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June 26, 2012

Just Fucking Do It…??


I printed the 12wbt week 4’s toning workout, gathered my equipment and went outside {my youngest is home today with a terrible cough – although she seems happy enough 🙂 }  staying close to home for today’s workout was needed. And even tho it was a home jobbie boy it was a tough one! I had to keep visualising myself at goal {the last time I was there} and the outfits I could wear to get me thru it!

I will say that I didn’t really want to do this workout – but I really wanted the feeling {smugness} and the result {toned and weigh less} and the reward {relax for the rest of the day} so much more… so I got on with it.

I also thought while I was calmly holding my pose straining to get to 35 secs holding a plank – that I wished I had taken photos in my underwear at goal…so I could really see the difference in my body from then to now, and use that as motivation at times. For I feel good and look ok, and while I know I am over that weight number, I can’t really see how much bigger I am. I mean I know I am bigger as clothes that used to fit comfortably are now tight with a muffin top hanging round the middle – but just sometimes I want to visualise it in other ways. Strange, but I am ok with that. So one thing I must remember to do when I get back down there is to take those photo’s.

I am pleased to have completed that workout – it was  tough, and I burnt 640 cals in 52 mins, and I did 100 burpee’s and 100 plyometric lunges….but I did it.

And thats all it takes to feel so much better!!

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