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Up early and getting it done….

June 15, 2012

I keep thinking about all the things I am going to be able to do once I have handed in this damn exam…

and with those thoughts swirling and the ones to JFDI and finish the exam – I cannot sleep…. its 2.29am……

I am close to being done, only 100 ish words to write out, references to copy and paste šŸ˜‰ , double check it and submit. I spent most of yesterday working on it, and finished up at 3pm to pick up the kids from school and spend some time with them. For while completing and submitting the exam is important – I do have two {3 sorry J} people in my life that are just as important. We sewed a felt dolly and a hand puppet.

Also the night before I stayed up way too late {ahem 1.30am} watching a fabulous doco – Stevie – that was a random find from flicking over the channelsĀ  at 11.30pm…… it was excellent and I was engrossed, and then sadly went on to have a terrible 5hr sleep.

So by 3pm yesterday I was more than ready to leave it saved and walk away.

I headed to bed with J last night, and eventually fell asleep around 9.30pm {super early for me…} with an alarm set for 4am to get up and finish it fresh…..but I guess those swirling thoughts were too much for this little brain, and it woke me. And after laying there for half hour attempting sleep I decided I may as well just get up, So here I am.

I aim to get it done… regardless of the finish time. The kids can have lunch orders, and I can do the school drop off and reading session and then to my step/pump class.

I figure I may as well exhaust myself and have it done so I can move on.


Edited to add: Hi to Fit and Happy Not Fat and Hippy.….

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