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Weird Head space

June 13, 2012

Like others have said before me… I am not sure where this post is heading… I just need to write it out and move on.

Uni is tough at the moment – I am smack bang in the middle of an Indigenous Cultures exam… its a take home and its due on Friday. Its the very last thing I have to do before the end of this semester, and I just want to pack it all in and move on with my life.

Work, earn money… be with other human beings again.

But I know deep down that throwing in the towel at this point – 1.5days from the end – would be so damn bloody stupid… and even I cant be that dumb.

But when writing essays… I feel that I am.

Spewing forth words onto a page does not come easy. Neither do numbers or science. Next semester I will do both.

So why am I doing this? What is the big picture? Will I ever get there….

Surely I must – surely I will

but for now I sit and sigh heavily. The self doubt is heavy.

But chocolate isnt….. 😉

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