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Iced up…

June 12, 2012

The long weekend in June has passed and we went camping. Fun, wholesome, dirty, stinky, c-c-cold camping.

We went with a new group of campers this time, and it was lovely to do so. New conversations and new laughs… and best yet – they hadn’t heard any of J’s non-funny dad-style stories, so there were laughs a plenty at those.

There were 9 kids… 8!!!! little girls {ages 8->3} and 1 little boy. We called them the pink patrol, and boy did they seriously love having lots of little friends on tap, and as there was 8 of em there was always someone different to be with without being bored.  A win for everyone!

The kids slid down a huge cliff hill all weekend and made their backsides look like they were 18mths old without a nappy on 😉 and every time they ran puffs of dust would billow out – hilarious!

The parents lounged round a stonking fire – and chatted and laughed.

We did a few walks, cricket and butterfly collecting, some tree climbing, some yabbying, some rope swinging, some munching  and plenty of lazing. Twas a good weekend!

They are on the small side – so we returned them to their home… 🙂

Gosh this girl loves those bugs!!!

Also it was c-c-cold. Freezing really… well overnight it was.

The days were those glorious winter days, clear blue skies and warmish sun – but night time… Brrrrr – it was beanie, thermal top and bottoms, socks and gloves in bed. Woolen blankets, hot water bottles and quick dashes to the dunny!!!! One night was so cold we woke to this…. a frozen winter wonderland!

Yowsers. Really really really makes you appreciate the mod cons of home!

We had a wonderful time away and all voted for the destination to be repeated next long weekend!

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