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Things I want to be….

June 9, 2012

Man – how good does being in control of eating feel! I love it.

I feel fit, strong, healthy and alive.

This morning workout was something called a SSS – super session saturday. It consisted of a warm up, 10 exercises with 60 reps each, a walk/jog to round the time up to 1hr 15min and then some stretching. All of it timed too – to see improvements along the way.

I only timed the 10×60 reps… and it was 39min 30sec. It will be interesting to see how I improve. I look forward to it.

On my walk this morning, I jogged a few times but my hamstring/hip??? is still bothering me… still… from May 9th  – its getting to the stage that I take further action and visit my GP. I kinda dont though as I dont want to hear that I need to limit my exercise…. but yet I know that failing to look after my body will only to longer hurting and longer time healing or even worse.

I will put it on my ‘To Do’ list for when uni is done next week.

So anyway – on my walk the temperature was –

09/07:30am -0.3 -2.9 -1.4 92 0.4

Brrrr-  it was -0.3*, but the apparent temp…. -2.9*…. oh boy!

All cars had iced over, and the grass was frosty. But when the sun came up… there was an amazing crystal clearness to the air – and everything looked green and fresh and lovely. I dont think I have ever noticed this before. It was pretty cool!

And it added to those feelings of strength that I have right now.



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  1. Jane permalink
    June 10, 2012 3:57 pm

    Our car has been iced in the mornings, its insanely cold isn’t it. Get your hamstring checked Leanne, I put up with pain and pushed through exercise for a year with serious back pain, now my CT scan came back and its not good news, I should have rested it when it first got sore… and I might have done so much damage. Get it checked even if it means you get told you can’t do something.. it sux but its better for you.

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