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Feeling good.

June 8, 2012

5 days into the 12wbt and I am feeling fine. In control, on top of the sugar cravings, happily working out.

and I may… just may…. have lost some weight – but I don’t really know for I didn’t see my WI numbers 🙂 The weigh-er only said – “keep up what your doing” –   So that could mean ‘yah your doing so great I need a calculator to work out this amount’ or ‘your doing great, so keep it up and you will show a loss soon’ … I really don’t know, nor am I worrying too hard about interpreting what she said.

I just know I am feeling really good, positive and healthy.

And that’s what I want outta life really :mrgreen:


Also I just submitted a major assignment, my last one for one of the two subjects I was doing this study period.

Happy. Contented. Sigh.

Even happier sigh as it is not due until next Friday! Woohoo, I handed it in a week early!! Go me….AAAAnd no tears were cried during it. I am getting better at this!

I have worked really hard on it the last five days {Sorry kids……} sitting in the study staring at the computer till my eyes hurt, and it paid off.

Now all I need to do is my take home – open book {cool huh} exam {I know I am excited about this…} also due next Friday…. hence my reason for completing one major thing at a time! and I will have completed two more subjects for my degree.

and only 7,452,368,22 subjects left to do!

kidding… I think its only 18 left….

but it does feel like that sometimes!

So next Friday this Study Period will be over, and I can enjoy 5wks off.

And two of those are the school holidays… so I will make it up to the kids….

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