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Home and loving it.

May 2, 2012

Hey there – my long break, a whole 18 days, from my last post was due to many things but mainly it was due to a family holiday. And boy did we have a great time… and some not so great times 😉

Writing the words ‘we are going away’ is something I am never sure whether I should put up onto my blog and FB and send it out into the big WWW. Is it wise to do so? Is it safe to let the whole world know my house is sitting there all empty? I know others do… and I often wonder would it be really that terrible?? If you were to ask my FIL… he would definitely say DON’T – so for his sake {and mine IYKWIM} if something really did happen and he asked if I had put it up on FB and I had to say yes…. well…. I could at least say no and have peace of mind. But nothing did happen, and now we are home I can say it loud!

We went on holidays for 10 days! To the Flinders Ranges SA, camping, hiking and camp fire sitting. I will put up some pics soon, once I have completed the bajillion loads of dirty no Filthy washing piles.. and caught up a bit on my uni work. I took an extra week off 🙂



Well while finishing my assignment I tried to eat ok, but it does get tough!

Then 10 days eating food bought already for those 10 days – read tinned or dried or freeze dried – and snacking way more than I normally do, made it tricky. But I knew all this ahead of leaving, and had accepted that there was nothing I could do. Drinking enough water was tough too – as old old pipes in the small towns {population of 9 one of them!} do not provide palatable drinking water! Ugh. On reflection, taking two or three 5 litre boxes of spring water filled bladders would of been a better option. Next time…

so all in all I know I gained some weight – mainly fluid retention from high salt content and lack of water – but thats okay. Since coming home I have drunk plenty of water, and green tea and cut back on cups of coffee – while away we would have 5-8 cups per day… 🙂

And despite all my, well both of our, good intentions and promises – we did let formal exercise slip while camping. Coming home though is so great for revitalising and getting the body and the mind into action again. I have began back exercising again day one at home – getting up early at 6.15am, and this time not to wee or stoke the fire… and headed to the gym for a 15min elliptical and 15 fast walk. Easy, and easing. This morning tho – I did what I have wanted to for ages – I got to the gym in time to begin the 6am Bootcamp session! yeah!!

For some time now I have been floundering… weight wise, fitness wise and mentally. Its been a tough 6mths with me working part time, with uni going back and the chef going thru the rigors of entering a new career and also the ending of the previous career – and I have battled with time management and lack of interest to get me to a space I feel comfortable with. There is more I want to say here… but will save it for when I have longer to type…

But with the changes to our routine now here {The chef has resigned and is no longer working – woot to double unemployment!!} I can begin to implement some new routine, and that include attending boot camp regularly. Today was Day one, and I enjoyed it – it was tough but I pushed on and completed the circuit in 30.56. Definitely scope to improve.

Todays workout – was called ‘Angie’ – which by the way is a CrossFit style WOD {workout of the day} – also… is everyone jumping on this bandwagon at the moment….???

So to ‘Angie’

  • 100 jumping pull ups
  • 100 push ups
  • 100 sit ups
  • 100 squats


and after several {4-5} weeks of anything tough it was HARD. but I liked it.

I plan on going Tues, Wed, Thurs – and trying to get to pump on a Monday or a Friday. Then a long walk on the weekend.


Right then – that was longer than expected but I needed to write 🙂

…. back to the washing….

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