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April 18, 2012

words written in total so far of my huge-ass assignment.

today I churned out 1200 of them – going over my days goal of 1100.

and now all that is left to do is the conclusion – bringing it to around 2500 words – give or take a 100 or so.

i’m close – and i like the thought.


with the end of these two assignments that i have had in the last two weeks i am officially half way thru this semester – in weeks and in assignments. sigh.

thats all i gotta do is keep focusing on small steps to get thru – cos really the big picture is just way to large to fathom.


weigh in wed…

i set a goal with the other ladies last week to track, and i began, but didnt see it thru.

the end of sickness, school holidays, husband working way past his normal shift amounts and this assignment has led me to being less physically active than i’m normally.

also eating too much crappy food has held me back – from both fully tracking and losing weight.

i can feel it in myself.

i had a gain of .400g this week. this is probably a better reflection on my last two weeks than the loss i had last week.

but still positives of the week are…. uh… i walked an hour today… i walked 40 mins the other day.

Hmm yeah – walking aint going to cut it.

but i am keen to keep working at it – and that is a sure sign of heading in the right direction.

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