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I can do this

April 17, 2012

I am sitting down to write more of my huge 50% assignment today – I have set myself some mini goals of a certain amount of words before days end. today and tomorrow. Hopefully that will mean that I will finish the writing tomorrow, and will be able to sleep on it before proof reading and submitting on Thursday – a whole 24hr before the deadline.

The last few days I have been just typing away not really having any form of what I want to say, nor any order – and that has worried me. You know like sitting on you shoulders heavy kinda worry, worry that I wont be able to spill that many words (2500) onto a page and have it been in coherent order or answer the question sensibly.

But today I have read it again, and I can see the order coming, and have swapped things about and have made a new plan of writing.

and you know I am now seeing that I can do this.

I just need to believe in myself.

I do for my health/weight loss. I just need to find it for Uni.


One thing that is helping me find is the first assignment grade I got back yesterday – I got a D!

At first glance I thought – shite – a D!! I failed.

Then I snapped back outta school days thoughts {only 20yrs ago mind you 😉 } and back into Uni thoughts and reminded myself that a D at Uni is a Distinction! Whoo hoo.

The percent gradient of a Distinction is 75-84% and my percentage was 77% – so while I am not at the top and brilliant at this caper, I am just in there…

So I’ll take it!

A win for self belief.


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