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Flying in to chat…and Weigh In Wednesday

April 11, 2012

Up and down days, sickness and wellness, minimum amounts and indulgence, loneliness and busyness

Thats how I can best describe my last week. Its been all those above and perhaps a few more.

I have had a week of sickness, beginning with a mild viral thing and ending in Tonsillitis. Which today – I am finally beginning to feel better from.

I have eaten too much chocolate – but not as much as normal – due to above sickness. This makes me happy.

I have had lots of time laying around, and there have been days of running here and there.


At the moment my mind is swirling – with all the things I need to do in the next week and a half, and there is a scary amount. And I have typed this sentence four times – meaning I have too much going on, too much to say and all of it disordered.

I need to sit quietly with a planner and methodically go through day by day and plan it out – when and what – so that I can clear the chaos of the thoughts and get on with whats important – and that would be my two Assignments due….



Weigh In Wednesday:

I missed last week due to that pesky viral sickness, and have not eaten much due to sore tonsil’s and have done nothing in the way of exercise since… ahh friday….- so surprisingly or unsurprisingly I lost .300g. I am fairly neutral on this amount – and yes a loss is great! but I didnt do much of anything this week. So I will accept it and move on. Tonight I am inspired from my WW meeting and the deal I struck with a few lovely ladies (tracking 7 days – handing each other the pages…). I am also wanting to get back into my normal life after sickness, and four weeks of heading out and about 3-5 nights per week. I am looking forward to some ME time and some good healthy food time 🙂 .


A short post – due to swirling thought storms!!


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