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Head deep in the books…

April 4, 2012


This is me at the moment, well not RIGHT now for I am typing away but as soon as publish is hit….

I have a Power Point presentation to get done on Obesity and how Recreation/Leisure can offset or address this issue. A PP presentation is not something I have done much of – its a big challenge and I am learning as I go.

Its due on Friday at 11.45pm. The lecturer did say he would extend it for a week – seeing the due date is Good Friday… a date he said he didnt even notice until I pointed it out last week. But as of today it still has not been extened – so I need to get a move on with it just-in-case….. you know what I mean.

For if it isnt {extended}– I’m good to hand it in…

And if it is {extended} then I can have a relaxing Easter weekend.

I have water, green tea and a highlighter at the ready.

I’m good to go….

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