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Silence broken

April 3, 2012

Silence – might mean busy…. yep

Silence  – might mean lack of attention to health….yep

Silence – might mean guilty…. yep.

I really try keep blogging when eating the foods I know will make me feel not so great – but sometimes the lure of ingnorance seems the easier option.

But I know, really, its not.

Hiding wont help 🙂


The non-hiding negatives:

I have not tracked for 5 days. I have eaten S&P squid and chips, chips at the beach, pizza, a buffet breakie, OJ, Wine, Shapes biscuits, a Lemon Lime and Bitters {full strength… not diet}, Dip and Pate, almost a whole box of Premiums, TV Snacks. I have skipped a workout today {hiding…more on that further down} I had a weigh and measure and not only gained weight, but I also gained several cm’s all over.

{Ha reading what I ate and drank no wonder I gained!!!!}

The positives:

I have paid atenction to what I did put in my mouth – and while I ate those chips, pizza and the buffet, I had smaller servings where I could or pinched a few bits rather than having a full meal of them or I took my own stuff with me. I made sure I exercised when I could, I walked to places I normally wouldnt, and tried to be more active. I even lifted the weights on my bar at Pump yesterday… a huge achievement.

What I have found hard is that I was feeling good, confidant and fit. But when I had my measurements taken today – only to see that I have increased all over {7cm on my hips alone….!!!!} I found it very hard to stay positive. So I blew off a group PT session in anger, frustration and perhaps fear I may never get rid of this weight. Having just written out what I ate, I can see now that while my intentions on eating well were there – I perhaps did not follow thru as well I gave myself a big pat on the back for. And it showed in other ways. One thing I need to keep in mind to is that I am a few days away from TTOM – so perhaps the bloating {crankiness too} that comes along with it was doubled due to high salt eating. What I do know is that I can only keep going on.

I can only keep on eating right, exercising, being active and keeping a positive outlook.

For that is the only way forward for me.



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