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April 2, 2012

Oh boy – time is flying by! With daylight savings coming to an end and Easter next weekend – I can hardly believe it.

One other big thing in my life that is moving along fast is this Uni Semester. As of thursday afternoon I will be on the ‘halfway thru’ semester break… not a ‘holiday’ but a study break. 6weeks and 6 weeks – split in two. I like it, as it means I have an easy way of breaking it down, to make the time I have left to study not seem so daunting.

Being only a part time – one subject external, one internal – student, having time off means I only stop attending two 3hr lectures, and have no formal readings to do. But I do have a 15% {of my final grade} Assignment due, added to that a major 50% {of my final grade} Assignment due too.

So while its not a lot changes –  there is a lot of research and writing to be done. Tricky part is…. on the same day begins school holidays and I will have my two kids home a lot more!!! Eeeeeek. I will have to get organised and have some definite study times – like rising early in the AM, and after lunch movie time 🙂

With that I am off to bed, not for an early gym time but to make some advances on my Power Point assignment.

What about the gym I hear you ask?

More on that tomorrow!


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