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A run, a recipe and some beautiful Apples!

March 27, 2012

Today was one of those days when I powered through so much on my to-do list, felt fit, ate great healthy food and wondered why or how I could of ever felt this way only a few weeks ago??

Everyone says that its normal to sometimes go through down times, and you just have to power through them. I must remember this next time I am feeling down again – that it too will pass.


I was up early again and at the gym by 6.20am!! Twice in a row baby… yeah!

I had a small amount of heel pain {again/still} when getting ready, but thought I would head out anyway, and retreat home if it hurt while there. Luckily it felt fine…. weird. I did have a chiro app today, so I figured I would get him to check it out…. perhaps my problem was from higher up and referring down??

Anyway – it was treadmill day and I wanted to run. I am insanely jealous of those who run all the time {cannot believe that I wrote that sentence… what is going on and where are you hiding the real Lea??? šŸ˜‰ } so I figured I would give it a go and see how fit I was, still am, ARE.

And I managed to run for a full 10mins!!!Ā  and could of kept going – So I walked for 2.5mins and went again. Doing deals with myself the whole way – get to 5mins and see, get to 6mins and see, get to 7mins and see…. then it was down to every 15 seconds… and once I had made it to 8mins I figured there was no point giving up now so damn close! And I made it – 2 x 10mins running! yeah.

Tomorrow is looking a little calmer than I first thought – now that the second child is sick and will need a day off school I wont have to head in to do canteen duty and J said he would grocery shop for me – so a 6am workout may not be needed, I can sleepin and do a 9.30….. oh crap – I just remembered I have an app at 9.30am!!

Right then – its back to 6am. What shall I do? I have said before that I really need to pre-plan what I am going to do, I have no desire to workout if not thought out – spontanaity and me do not gel! I might go and have a scout around for gym workouts….


Spending very many nights cooking for myself I need to be organised – otherwise I eat whatever I can lay my hands on first, and most of the time its not the best food, nor does it fill me up or make me feel good. But tonight what I had planned didnt sound appealing, and we had a large amount of veggies left from last weeks shop to use up {meaning I have not eaten enough in the last 7 days as I buy a similar amount each week}. I needed inspiration quick so as to not eat bread and butter….So I dug round the freezer finding a few half meals, 4 mini frozen pancakes and some home made pasties. The kids devoured the pasties along with steamed carrots, broccoli, peas/corn and rice. Then followed it up with pancakes and our own Blackberry Jam, and some watermelon, then some yogurt and sultanas… {my kids can EAT!!}.

For me – I suddenly remembered an old favourite not cooked in a while – Ratatouille. I love having this stuff in the freezer as it is healthy being full of veggies and fat free and so damn versatile! You can blend it to make pizza sauce, or half blend to make a pasta sauce, or put it onto cooked chicken breast and melt some cheese for a healthy parmi, or just pour it over steamed veg or a steak for a tasty sauce. Other ideas: mix it with sour cream for a dip, or into natural yogurt to make a tasty sandwhich wrap sauce. Even better its easy to make, very cheap and with so many ways to use it – makes it a very ecconomical dish to have on hand at all times!

So I have photographed the making of it – there is no real recipe I follow, although I am sure you could find one… but its not neccessary.

Chop up sad, tired looking mediteranean veggies from the crisper. I used capsicum {green and yellow} 1 onion, 6 cloves garlic, 1/2 eggplant, 1 large zucchini, 6 mushrooms, 1/4 old carrot left over from school lunchs –Ā  use what ever you like.

Dont add what you dont like šŸ˜‰

Hey what is that pumpkin doing there – dont add that {or do so if you want… there are no rules}

Space the veggies out over two trays to bake evenly and not go soggy, and spray with some cooking spray – and I always drizzle a little olive oil on too, for flavour and so the veggies dont dry out.

Bake @ 180-190 deg for 25-40mins – depending on your oven and baked liked-ness

Pour over 1-2 tins of chopped tomato – depending on how many veggies are in the pan – start with one, add another if it is not ‘wet’ enough. I used two – to stretch it out further.

I then put in some fresh basil and thyme, sea salt and pepper – oh and ripped up some baby spinach.

Bake for another 10mins – and then enjoy!

Tasty and healthy – what more can you ask for.

Here is how I served mine – a little odd – two seperate meals, but like I said at the beginning of this large post I dug round the freezer and found two half meals… and both worked well!

Roo sausages and onion gravy – steamed veg.

Roo meatballs with Ratatouille.


Two more photos to add to this photo rich post –

My kids enjoying some reading with some unearthed 3D glasses… how their eyes didnt hurt I will never know – I suppose that is the joy of being a kid!

My little one is a finger sucker… has been since she was born. While I dont really mind it – I do look forward to it stopping, and it was slowing down, but I have noticed since she started school she begins again almost as soon as she is in the car. Its a tired thing. Ah well she will grow out of it eventually…

Also – Get a look at these GORGEOUS apples given to us – dont they look so bloody amazing!!! They were freshly picked off the trees on Saturday from our Little Granny’s family farm – Filsells Apples. Cant wait to eat one!


Right then – I’m off to bed to be up at 6am!!


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