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Sick kids and funky stockings…

March 26, 2012

Today both stayed home from school! Agggh!

Lucy is still {sorta-well-almost} ill with tonsilitis… and Aimee had a fever this morning. And it was sorta – well almost easier to keep them home for the day.

But by 2pm they had fought, made up, made a mess, cleaned up, made another mess, fought a bit more and interupted my study way too many times… I began to regret that decision. Hmmm.

Anyway – somehow I must of known that this would be the case today, so when my alarm went off at 6:05am – I was up and dressing for the gym. As how can you take two school aged kids to the creche… without seeming like a rotten lying mummy… huh?

The last two days for me have been filled to the brim with events, driving, cooking, and getting to bed far too late and getting up far late too . So getting out for a workout over the weekend just did not happen. I am cranky about it – yet I am at the stage in my life weight loss journey where I just move on. No point getting cross over what happened. I just need to change it around next time.

Luckily on Friday I went to an early class, my favourite Pump/Step with Julzie, and came home super shakey – with noodley arms 🙂 Then after picking up the kids, one sick one well, I spent the arvo getting sorted for a dinner party. We have close friends moving to QLD, and it was a last dinner with them for a while. Once J was home I then could finally head out and finish buying all the bits I meant to buy on the way to school for pickup. This put us behind in the preparation – but in the end the dinner was great, food was delish and the company lots of fun. And I forgot about being so stressed 🙂 We ended up getting to bed around 1.30am after doing a quick clean up and dishwasher stack.

And because of sickness, and their own late night the kids slept in…which meant so did we. We woke at 8:30am with J needing to leave for work immediately. One missed workout opportunity. We hung around the house all day, kids resting – me cleaning, along with a small outing to the docs to confirm the diagnosis of Tonsilitis and to get some Anti-bi to begin the recovery. We had a quick play with the cousins, and then it was home to study and movie watch. Then it was onto the official farwell party for the QLD movers. I probably should of kept the kids home, given them an early night and all that… but after a full day with just me and them – I was more than ready for some adult conversation.

I wore these funky new tights –

and I must admit I felt pretty darn good in them! They are not my normal style of attire – but I love them!!!! and will be wearing them out and about a lot this winter! I got plenty of good remarks about them too! Perhaps it was my pins…. 😉

Another late night – another sleep in – anther event to head to at 10am!! Second missed opportunity. Sunday – spent the day out at a great conservation park at Belair – and by the time we got home at 5pm… it was dinner time, early bed time and time for me to clean up some more. Yah.

See why I just kinda knew this mornings gym opportunity was not one to be missed!  Tomorrow I plan on going early again, as I have another full day with appointments, a drive to my sisters for some uni help and then school parent/teacher interviews. Wed is chocka block and thursday is Uni day…so these two days will be earlies too!

Planning ahead days and workouts is essential! Especially if you lead a busy life – as it makes you take the {sometimes only} opportunity you have and do something productive with the time. A key part in weight loss and keeping it off!

Right then…. time to head off – clean up some more… seriously who keeps making all this mess!! and heading to bed for an early workout.

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