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On the right path again.

March 16, 2012

Hi – to those who looked at my blog in BRAZIL! yeah 🙂 I know….

WordPress has this new thingo that shows you which countries your views came from – and yesterday it was Aust, US, Brazil and Indonesia. Amazing huh… this WWW.



Yesterday and today have been very nice days. Weather wise and health wise. And I feel good and positive.

Hooray. Love this feeling.

I have tracked both days, been eating good healthy foods and steering well clear of me old mate ‘Sugar’. It really mucks about with my mind! and I can tell how much when I dont eat much.

I have not been able to get the the gym today, we had some important paperwork to take care of that took all morning, then I had a cuppa date with my lovely friend who is on bed rest till her new bub comes! Poor thing, it would be tough just lying there. I know that it is something most would wish to do long term, but I can well imagine the fun of it wears thin after a few days. Keep hanging in there Al, only a few weeks to go! {easy for me to say, right???} She also has gestational diabetes – so I am planning on making a few things to munch on take round. Might make her feel a bit better I think.

I have also hurt my elbow doing push-ups, way back on Tuesday {I always say that sport is a health hazzard!!}. I dont think its the actual elbow, just the tendons/muscles around it, making it hard to bend that arm up to my mouth. Err…. perhaps my body is telling me something…….. like stop eating 😉 It is getting better – a few more days of rest and left handed eating should get it there.

Yesterday I did a big walk 1hr15mins, and it was lovely. My elbow was a little uncomfortable, but it was great to get out and about…. listening to my ‘Conversations’ podcasts. Tomorrow morning I was planning a run/walk – which I will still do, but will drop the run if I get too sore. I do not want to injure myself more!!!


Tonight is a rest night for all of us. My big girl took a big tumble when running out of the school this arvo and is now on the couch in PJ’s, blankie and pillows watching TV. Every girl needs some couch/tv time to recover….ummmm… everyone but my preggo, couch ridden friend – 😆

I am planning on finishing a few beanies that I have been busy making, and want to teach myself {via Youtube} how to do crochet flowers – I also have an order or two placed for them 🙂 and while I enjoy making them… its not a business I will be heading into!

Have a lovely evening…..

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