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March 5, 2012

Thats me…. each night.

4am finds me tossing and turning and sighing…. till 5:30 or 6am…. or generally just when I have resigned myself to the fact that I will just get up and go to the gym – then brain shuts down and I find myself waking at 7.30am groggy and sleepy eyed.

Very. Frustrating.

I am about to google me some ‘cures’. But ones I will begin with are:

  •  No more coffee after 4pm…. although for the last several years I have been having cups of coffee {just plain ol instant… Im no coffee snob…} far later than than – up until 10pm, and its never affected my sleep before. But I will cut back for the chance of 8hrs sleep!!
  • Not watching tele in bed. Yes! I do have a tv in my bedroom, and I do watch it at night time – {love love love Craig Ferguson} – but will attempt to leave it off for a week to see if things change.
  • Turning off the computer earlier and winding the brain down with a good read of a chapter or two of the great book on my kindle.
  • Sleepytime tea – if nothing else than to have a bit more tasty water injested – but i will give it a go.
  • Writing out my thoughts more often. Here and in a person diary. Perhaps the swirling thoughts will be better off glued to a page rather than gathering in my mind in the wee hours.

Probably most of these will be suggested anyway.




ahh yes they were. I will give them a go and check back in a week with results – if any???



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