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Feeling the st – drain….

March 2, 2012

This last week has been a busy one, leaving me feeling drained, tired, achey and generally bluegh. But I still managed to bang out this rather long post πŸ™‚

At the start of the week {sunday} I somehow injured underneath my heel while walking round barefoot. I wondered if the soreness perhaps had a link my new sneakers, as they are not the ‘best’ fit for my flat feet – but were the best fit for my purse and budget, and that is numero uno on my list. I spent a few days resting the foot, and it eventually came better by wednesday. I even wore those newbies to my wardrobe, all day and have not had an ounce of pain since. Weird.

Sassying it up…. kinda similiar stories huh πŸ˜†

Here’s my week went down…..


Mon & Tues were rest the foot days. I cruised around home, doing jobs that I never usually get round to do, and now have a photo album full of cake decorating gear ready to advertise. My evenings were busy, with rushing to and from work and the babysitters.

Wed, the day it rained here in Adelaide ALL day,Β  was my usual rush the hell around like a looney day,Β  Leaving the house at 8.30am and returning 12hrs later… and inbetween were bike fittings {more on that later}, gift shopping, canteen duty {which secertly I hate… I dont tell the kids tho for they love me being there…. but the worker lady does not seem intersted in having help}, groceries, gymnastics, babysitters, work, babysitters, fall into bed. phew.

Thurs was my birthday :mrgreen: 36 years young – and I had a great day πŸ™‚ And just as stupidly busy as wed {10am-10pm!!}Β  I began with delicious breakie put together by my favourtie family members

and a cool gift!

a favourite scrapbooking shop workshop – where I made these

then it was straight off to uni for day one!

then to school/oshc pick up and straight to a mini family bday dinner at Cafe Buongiornio – with my kids and parents in law {the husband worked 😦 }

then instead of heading home like the sensible,responsible mother I am should be – I ignored the rules and the mundane boringness of heading home at 8pm on my birthday {alone πŸ˜₯ } and wisked the kids and me quickly down to see my mum , brother and close friends in rehearsal for the fabulous show ‘Pirates of Penzance’.

eventually I tucked two very weary, sleepy kids into bed at 10pm 😳 and one tired birthday girl followed at 11pm.

MASSIVE DAY…. but a very nice birthday!

Friday {today} I began work at 8.30am, then headed home to take two ‘pupil free day’ school kids to a park to play with their best mates. Their mum and I {and J for some of it} sat and chatted, laughed and got shat on, debriefed our week and of course solved world poverty…. from 12 – 5pm. It was lovely to slow down, and not worry or have to drive anywhere. But of course getting home so late, and with a cannot be broken deal already pre-made with the 7yr old to do some baking, all made the dinner ‘routine’ seem laughable.

They are still now {8.27pm} watching ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ having had cheese on defrosted rolls cut into 3 slices toast.. parenting award of the week goes to me!!… while a fudge cake, a chocolate slice and 4dz honey joys cool on the bench.

Which leads me right into the weekend – which is just as frantic. An overnight trip to Pt Elliot, a family lunch on sunday {mine, MIL & SIL birthdays in same week…} a family dinner on Sunday evening {my family – hence the baking today}Β  and to top the crazzies off my Mums group are coming here on monday.


I need to slow the fcuk down, no wonder things {sleep, weight, relationships, exercise} are going to pot.

but how to do it. Slow down??

I need to start saying NO. Thats right Lea, say it again with me…. n..nnn..nnnnnn……NO. NO. NO – there now you got it πŸ™‚

I will practise this more, and have done so a bit this week, with the resignation from my job as a Weight Watchers leader. The news was met with sadness – from my boss, workmates and mostly my members – but I needed to do it for me. AND my kids. AND my relationships – both marital and friends. I am rushing around too damn much {read above…} and needed to get back to focusing on me, them and us. More evenings at home, more babysitting for fun stuff rather than for work necessity. More dinners eaten at a table, instead of the backseat of the car. Money is lovely – but I can do without it for a while and have some time instead please. Im sure there will come a time when I lament the lack of the $$… but for now its the right time.

Its always been a hard thing for me to write about it here – there is a social media policy {isnt there always….} to follow and the giving of advice freely is frowned upon. I did state here a while back that it is them I work for, and all opionions and ways of following the plan were my own… but I generally have not said too much. Fear? …..Perhaps. But mainly ease. So next week I finish up. Wed is my last meeting as a leader, thurs is my last one as a weigher.

Then I plan to head back and become a member again, to one of the meetings I currently lead, to the one I got to goal at and have been attending for 7+ yrs. I love those ladies {some men too..} they are my friends and I know the relationship we have built up as leader/member will only change in the fact that I now will be able to freely talk to any of them without worry. I love the thought of that.Β  Heading back to be a member will be nice for a change, nice that the focus will be on what I want out of the meeting again, not on what I have to deliver and am I meeting all my KPI’s.


I began the week tracking well…. I have not done so well the last two days…. but I can turn that around and bring in the week strong again.


Mon/Tues: sore foot days I did nothing but kinda limp around {looking back I coulda-shoulda-woulda done some push ups and sit ups….. no foot need be involved}

Wed: a day I do nothing and I automatically negate any guilt by the fact that I do nice things for my kids.

Thurs: still no time {and now inclination} to hit the gym.

Fri: same same same.

The excuses are building. Leading to me feeling sluggish and tired. A direct link I know it.

I will turn it around next week, and starting it up again tomorrow I intend on walking someplace in Pt Elliot – like along a beach! Sunday morning…. beach?? monday – back to the gym.

But now… bed? bath? couch? cant decide……

Oh and here’s a few other things that have kept me busy….

new fringe cut











My baby loses her first tooth

Literally!!! trying to find it in bark chips

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    March 5, 2012 8:39 am

    Oh I do love your hair like that! Did you find Aimee’s tooth?

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