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Lots of things to be happy about, and one to moan about.

February 28, 2012

Scrap camps is one….. and you know what???? I LOVE em.

and….. I just booked into another one. Two in one year…. I must be a lucky duck 🙂


Staying well clear of sugar and having the ‘fog’ lift – now thats great too.

Having feelings of being lesser than everyone around me is not fun. Can depression be bought on from too much sugar? who knows… but what I do know is that it messes with me terribly – mentally, physically and emotionally. Much like high fats mess with my belly and make the stomach acid give my esophagus way to much weirdo touching.

All this just shows me that I need to stick to real foods, much like my great grandmother would of eaten…

Except she was born in 1900, and spent her youth during the war and depression years in england. mmm bread pudding * anyone??

In all seriousness, this was a lesson learnt the hard way, almost the end of my marriage way. So its time to stop eating foods that treat me badly from the inside out.

All I wonder though i do others have the same symptoms from these foods? Or am I alone in this??


I made my own beanie!!

on a 38deg day no less, when our air-con water pump had blown up.

Crazy right…. but its cute.

Actually I lie, its not mine for Miss 7.75 has claimed it as her own…

I have since made two more!!


Also I had a fringe cut into my hair again.

Thank goodness, for I was sick of using bobby pins to hold it all back.

Photo tomorrow I promise!


Other good things…. I resigned from my work. I sent that email and waited for a response. While they are not happy, they understand my reasons.

I am pleased to have finally done it, as the burden of knowing that I will have to do it soon has been sitting on my shoulders for a few weeks now – and that is not much fun at all.

Not saying too much more at the moment, for I dont want to upset the apple cart so to speak, but I will talk more on my work later.


I have been eating better the last few days, and still am logging in to track each day, even if it pains me to do it. As of today I have tracked each day for 45 days. Thats a great achievement for me.

but while I have tracked, a good thing, what I have had to track is not so great. This is what I am working on now. I have not been near a set of scales for a few weeks, so have no idea if I have lost/gained any weight, but I do feel better, some clothes are fitting better and I can feel my legs are crossing at a higher point. Strange observation… but one to be cherished!!!



Last week was better than this one , I actually got to the gym twice to do my pre-planned gym workout! Yeah. Its good but a killer. Although I noticed that the first time hurt a lot more on the day after than the second one did. Did I slacken off? Surely I was not all that much stronger???? I hope to get back in there and do it twice more this week too….


My heel has been giving me a bit of grief. I dont think its Plantar fasciitis, as I do not hurt when I first get up – only when I have been walking/standing on it for too long. Perhaps I bruised it from walking round bare foot on fake floorboards {those things are hard…}

So I have been resting it… and the rest of me 😦 {I now think back and realise I could of been working on my abs and shoulders… dont need my heels for those exercises…} Today has been a lot better, with the hurties only happening once and nowhere near as painful as yesterday. I hope that by resting for these 4 days I heal soon…. get it…. hahahahaha.



And now to bed for me. I am getting back into reading my book ‘Dragonfly in Amber’ by Diana Gabaldon. Its a goodie.

Did I ever tell you all that Amazon sent me a new one?? New kindle that is…. a full replacement, no cost!!! and it only took 4 days too. All we had to do was send the old one back in the new ones packaging.

Love that company.

I guess they really want me to buy more books from them huh???


* this bread pudding recipe is just like my nans…. bread soaked in water!! and then baked to be eaten…gah. Although this picture does look nice,  my childhood memories of bread pudding seem to be a lot different.

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  1. February 29, 2012 11:28 am

    I am nearly finished Outlander on audio book (32 hours) and just ordered Dragonfly in Amber. The accent in my head is now Scottish!! I love Jamie and Claire and can’t wait to see what happens.

    • February 29, 2012 4:06 pm

      I accidentally went a-googling {new term 😉 } and found out a few bits and pieces that I shouldnt have… now I ‘turn’ every page awaiting the events.
      Its a great series, and yes I now think ‘verra’ instead of very lol

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