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Some Weeks… and bad decisions young people make.

February 9, 2012

just fly on by… and before you know it you have not posted for days 🙂

I am currently in the middle of one of my ‘To Do’s’  that I listed here. A list of things to do, that I have been putting in the too boring, too hard, too little time basket. These things on the list have no major impotance {oh well perhaps a will and super do 😉 } but they are all jobs that should be done, and have been sitting there very patiently waiting to be done.

So as a special treat for being so darn well behaved in that dark drawer – I begin them.

I have lots on today, and most days at the moment, and have been lamenting the fact that I have YET to begin this fabo list – and we are 1.5 wks into the school term. EEEkkk. Time flies so fast and I fear that regret creeping up – the regret that I wasted so much free time.

So today I am burning some old photo filled CD’s to my hard drive. Its a simple task that I can complete a few while doing other jobs. And I love trawling through the memories!

Many of the photos are already on our HD, but its nice to check anyway. I would hate to lose any photo!

So far I have found this photo, of my eldest daughter –

awwww she is so cute! aged 4.5, at kindy and concentrating so hard she is sticking her tongue out…. a major family trait 🙂 carried down through a few generations now it seems.

And this one…. my how I have changed….How we have BOTH changed….


I know I was a few days postpartum but I look huge and felt worse!  I had gained over 30kg in that pregnancy.

Wanna see??

12 wks I would say

Wanna see something else that changed on me? Seeing I am being all sharing and all 🙂

I have a Tattoo… in a great spot when your 22 and no children in your foreseeable future. When your hip and happening and doing the travel thing…..

but its in a terrible spot for having children.

Not the best decision I’ve ever made. But I made it and I work with it.

My adored {at time of having it done} fish tattoo

see how small I began my preganacy… I would of been 5 wks here.

See how they turned out, and I still had another 5-6wks till I gave birth here….


I will take a picture of it now and post it later to show you {and all those crazy young’uns} that having a belly tattoo pre-children is a baaaaaad idea. My poor tattoo has been stretched and stretched and now shrunk. It looks like a deflated balloon.


Ah well. Live and learn.

Its been fun down memory lane…..

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    February 11, 2012 1:39 pm

    Aww your poor fish! I was only just telling my friends about your fish last night! Maybe time for a new tat?

  2. February 11, 2012 2:32 pm

    haha – I have often thought about getting another one. I just dont know where… or what???

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