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I ran!

February 5, 2012

We really slept in this morning, and it was lovely!!!

Once up I dressed for the gym and headed off to do my own thing there at 9am. Not an easy time for me, but while lying awake at 2am {grrrr} I planned out my workout.

I always need to have what I am doing prepared mentally before I head to the gym – for some reason spontanaity in workouts just do not gel with me. So as I preach to my members do what works best for you. This works for me so I go with it and plan.

I planned 10 mins on the rower/2km in total

I planned 10mins {to begin with and increase if I felt like it – which of course I knew I would šŸ˜‰ } of interval running – 1.5min run-1min walk

I did:

10 mins rower – 1.75km with 2 min 39/500 meters…… Something to work on.

30 mins running intervals!! Fabulous

I burnt 694cals

I felt quite good running – as I have not run for AGES. I plan to increase the running, lessen the walking times and aim to run 5km solidly sometime soon. Perhaps a fun run???

Huzzah for sunday morning workouts! pity the gym does not open till 9am as it makes the whole day run later, but I’ll take it.

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