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Many Plans – lots of time.

January 29, 2012

This is the eve of a new time for me.

My youngest is joining her older sister and is heading to school.

And tomorrow at 9.05am I will find myself with just…… myself….. for the next six hours.

Its not been forever since I was like this… only 7.5yrs… less than some mums I know, but still a time long enough in my mind.

And what will I do? What have I planned? How will I begin to fill 6 hours each and every day?

Having had a little one at school for 2.5 yrs I know all too well how FAST 6 hrs can go… faster still with a toddler/young child attached to ones leg – but I have learnt that it slips by in a blink. You need to be ready.

So I plan to be organised. To have a list – {my beloved ‘To do’ lists ๐Ÿ™‚ } To get stuff done and end my time of freedom being able to look back pleased at all I have accomplised.

As this freedom will come to an end all to soon. For I head back to full time study mid year – and I know already how much of my time and energy that takes up. This is why being organised and having a plan, goals and lists are essential.

Here is the beginning of my list:

  • Go through house and photograph to sell items long sitting round gathering dust – ie: golf clubs, cake tins, cake decorating equipment, baby stuff and other flotsam lying around. If anything sits still long enough… watch out ๐Ÿ˜†
  • Go through photo’s on random discs – burn to a hard drive
  • Fill lying around photo frames
  • Type up our cruise journal
  • Type up favourite recipes & organise into some form of strorage/easy access unit
  • Do a Will & finish sorting my super
  • Scrapbook a whole lot more
  • Walk/exercise everyday
  • Have lunch made for me – when I do the kids in the morning – so I dont get distracted, come up for air starving and eat anything I can lay my hands on.
  • Have tea organised early
  • Make one dish a week that can be frozen and used for lunches or cant-be-stuffed-dinners.
  • Tidy random parts of the house that at the moment I look at and turn away from.

Thats the main stuff anyway. I have a smaller plan worked out when I am going to do these kinda things, days of the week for certain tasks for example.

And I am even going to do up a “Mystery Ideas Box”… filled with ideas of what to do when I am bored. For I know that I will become bored and look at all those jobs above and sigh and feel so damn unispired. So I hope the mystery ideas will help get my mind off boring and back into action.

Some basic ideas I have so far are:

  • Go for a walk round the block
  • Scrap a page using this layout
  • Write a note to a friend
  • Make a cuppa
  • Go have a coffee at Endue…..

That sorta stuff. Fun stuff.

Anyway today and the last few days I have been super busy sorting out my study/scrap area. And am pleased to say that I am almost finished. I feel better and inspired to scrap more already, for all my stuff is out on view.

Here is an ‘After’ pic….. sadly I dont have a before cos I got overexcited and emptied the area before I even thought about a camera!!

Fancy writing too!!

I dont have masses of stuff – being a frugal and on a tight budget person, but what I do have is plenty enough for me. I still can make great pages where the photo’s are the main focus, and thats the point of scrapping right.


Good job I decided to take those photos…ย  the camera battery is almost flat!! EEEEk that would of been disasterous for the traditional stand-by-the-front-door-in-you-school-uniform-&-bag-first-day-of-school photo tomorrow morning.

Speaking of which, its time for bed and a few more chapters of my new book…. No 2 in the Diana Gabaldon ‘Outlander’ Series “Dragonfly in Amber”. ooohh its so good!


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