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17, 18, 19, 20, 21

January 25, 2012

Still playing catchup…. dammit.

Day 17

Today is


sipping some free water

We are big water drinkers. I am a bit water drinker. I cant go a hour…less…20 mins without taking a gulp.

I would say I get in 3-4litres a day.

Love it.

And Im tough too – I drink RADelaide water straight from the tap. Not cold from the fridge 😉


Day 18

Today is

Something you bought

I bought this top while in Melbourne last year – friends and I went shopping at DFO {direct factory outlet – i think}. It was cheap – $5 from Cotton On… and pretty with lacey lines. It fit the bill perfectly for me.

Funny enough for a few months after my purchase I had not seen it on anyone else here in adders…. woohoo I was setting a trend {???} Until last month – when I saw it on two very middle aged woman. Sigh.

For the record being a non shopper @ DFO I thought it was hell in four walls… it went on forever – twisting and turning round corners – only to reveal more shops.

All of which, while advertising  that they had “great” prices, didnt seem to be all that different from any old westfield.

But perhaps because I am NOT a shopper I cant recognise a bargain when I see one 😉


Day 19

Today is


Around this time of year is J and mine getting together anniversary.

This year marks 18yrs of togetherness – after beginning to ‘go out’ just after J’s 18th birthday party… and just before mine 🙂

Half our lives together. Amazing.

Day 20

Today is

Someone you love

Who else… but these three.

I love the joy on their faces.

Day 21

Today is


I recently did a home dye jobby to even out my re-growth, and didnt do a bad job.

My hair is long, thick and sometimes very annoying. This is a pic aiming to get the scale of the stuff.

On a side note – I love love love short hair on me – but owing to many years on single income, fast growing hair and being a tightarse – I just cant bring myself to have it in a short style needing to be cut every four weeks. So I grow it.

And I even googled “selling your hair” the other day. I wonder how much they would pay me for it???

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    January 26, 2012 7:11 am

    Oh nice top! Lol.

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