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Puffed up

January 24, 2012











Finally I can begin to say… the bloating is going.

Eating bad foods that are not healthy, full of fat, full of sugar, full of salt and too much of any of them leads to major bloating in me. Water and wind. šŸ˜®

And it always takes a week of good healthy eating, a bit of exercise and some serious patience {understatement of the year!!!} to shift it.

But today – I can see and feel that it is going. I was beginning to feel good on Sunday, but a picnic lunch at the Tour Down Under containing all the aboveĀ  foods, and high temperaturesĀ  – lead to me being ‘back at square one’ again. Not a nice feeling at all.

Its something that I need to keep working on this week, and all following weeks, if I am ever to get back down to near my goal weight. So in saying that – I am off to the gym, walking there doing a ‘total body conditioning’ {ouch} class and walking home. I just hope the 37deg day has not warmed up too quickly šŸ™‚


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