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January 12, 2012

The camping adventure continues…

and while it is lovely, time is moving and our time here is slowly coming to its end. We have to begin the pack up tomorrow morning due to a working husband on move out day, and then the final pack comes early saturday  – when we have to be out by 10am.

We are all having a great time – the kids are riding their bikes all day, jumping on the jumping pillows or swimming in the pool {when the sun came out today – finally} and playing with cousins and friends. And I am sitting around reading a wonderful book {Cross Stitch – Diana Gabaldon. Which i am finished now … LOVED it!!} drinking cups of tea with my family and chatting about nothing in particular… oh well maybe we chat about how others put up tents, reverse caravans and generally cope with the stress of setting up and packing down camp sites 😆

The only hard part is that J has worked most of the time, only having two days off in the ten that we are staying here. He has been working the afternoon shift, so he heads into work around 2pm. Having been able to spend the morning with us has been great – but it cant be easy for him to leave us all relaxing and sitting round and head into work. Next time will be different…. thats a FACT.


 Oh yeah… and the OTHER hard part… the eating! Well eating it all has not been hard 😉 Doing my pants up last night to go to work = harder than it was two weeks ago. I knew coming down here would be difficult, and it has been. Although I am totally responsible for that movement of fork to mouth, and it has not been my best example of 10 days of eating….but I am okay with all that.

I have done a fair amount of exercise, having walked most mornings for an hour along the beach front – which I have really enjoyed. There have been no personal records set nor have they been overly strenuous, but getting out in the fresh air has been great for thinking things through, and any movement at all it just wonderful in itself.

Once home I plan to head to the local fruit and veg markets and stock up, put a pot of soup on and plan a few weeks ahead of good eating and exercise. I know I will get in the swing of my normal eating and activity pretty quickly, and know too that it will take a few days to feel good and healthy again, but it will come and I will love it.


A wonderful thing that we have been able to do while down here is to celebrate our youngest daughters 5th birthday. We celebrated with a family dinner,  a breakie at a local cafe, and a kids party.

I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it all… and certainly loved the gift side of her birthday ;)… she could be heard to say very quietly at the end of each gift giving section of the celebrations “am I going to get more presents?”. So cute 🙂

One happy girl..


PS… I am still doing my photo challenge – I just am getting tired at the end of long days of sitting around and drinking tea 😉 and dont have any energy… but I will catch up properly once home….

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  1. bubblymel permalink
    January 20, 2012 12:07 pm

    That is a great pic of A!!! Love it!

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