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Day 8

January 8, 2012

Fat mum slim’s…. A photo a day in January Challenge has me hooked!

I went looking for my camera today to take the pics needed for the day… and I couldnt find it!


And when your living in a caravan park – well the first thought is that we zip our tent up, filled with our lives, and walk away… not a huge amount of security really. It could of been taken by anyone…. and while its a well known ‘rule’ in parks that you leave others things alone and they will leave yours alone -its still a little nerve racking!

I did a quick search, but seeing we had had everything up off the floors during the ‘great flood of 2012’  😉 😉 😉 I knew it was nowhere in the tent. I checked the car, mums and my sisters tents and even rang J at work {noramaly only reserved for emergencies – which this was… obviously!!} but nothing.

I tried not to panic. Because if it was stolen… there is nothing I can do but put in an insurance claim. I had downloaded all pics the other day – so was not missing anything ‘precious’, and really its just a camera… albeit mine and paid for with hard earned cashola… but at the end of the day not worth getting panic’d about.

And if it wasnt stolen… well then it was probably just somewhere in the 12ft x 12ft tent area that I had not looked in/at/over.

I had tea, read more of my ‘Favourite’ book and went back for another search.


just where I had left it… but not seen when looking as I was hurrying as I was worried. Phew.

So onto today’s pic…

Today is:

Your Sky

Lovely down the beach!

I love this… my view of vans and beach sky.

Nothing better than holidaying at the beach and being able to read for more than 6hrs while the kids ride freely around the park on their treadlies…

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