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Wet evening…

January 7, 2012

I had intended on posting a few more tonight….

but the EXTREME weather conditions of adelaide at 6.30pm tonight saw me running around soaking wet, fixing tents and throwing all sorts of camping ‘necessities’ like dolls/books/toys and clothes up off the floor to save them from drowning.

A major thunderstorm and squall came through the state, including the caravan park, that had everyone running {literally} for cover…

and if i was clever enough I would be able to find a funky picture that shows just how bad it got… but you will just have to imagine 😉

One of my parents tents ripped badly, as in cant use that section anymore badly, and sent 9 children running and screaming… seems the noise it made when tearing was as loud as the wind rushing through!

It was pretty hairy there for 15mins, and while I managed to keep the inside of our tent dry-ish… our annexe section is full of puddles, hastily re-jigged tent poles and wet towels. Tomorrow there will be time for cleaning up and sorting out,  getting the kids to bed {dry and safe} was more of a concern as I am on my own tonight while J is at work.

I will post more of my challenge tomorrow….

Oh yes – thanks for the lovely comments recently, makes me feel good to know that I am not talking to myself! 🙂

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