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West Beach

January 6, 2012

I am sitting here typing this blog post without any internet conection, which I think is taking blogging to a whole new level!

We are camping… and not roughing it by any means… its Camper trailer, lights, heater, kettle and a toilet block a mere 30 steps away.

We have come down to Adelaide Shores Caravan Park for our annual pilgrimage, something we have been doing as a family since I was 14yrs old!

A - enjoying splashing in the shallow-little-kids-pool

I first came down with my BFF Ali when I was 13, and stayed a few days with her family. Ali, her sister, her sisters friend and I slept in a tent out the back of the parents caravan… where much talking was done, lots of fun and laughs were had, lots of lame diary entries were written and a bit of stalking the playground checking out the ‘cute’ guys… who were all of 14/15yrs and incredibly silly

We had an absolute blast… so much that when my parents came to pick me up – we convinced them that this was THE place to holiday next Christmas time and we would just ‘die’ if we didn’t get to come.

And the next 20yrs is history… so they say.

There have been a few years where I have not come down, but for the most part of that 20yrs my parents have, and we can be found hanging round the pool, the playgrounds or wandering down the beach for a quick glance 😉

If you’ve not been to this CP, look it up – or better yet – come for a visit. It’s a huge, amazing, well organised and well managed park, which gets seriously busy from Chrissy time until school goes back, with many many regulars. Most who, like my family, have been coming for 20+ yrs, same site, and same time of the month. They have made wonderful friends from around the country and the state, and they all meet up at this same time of the year for lovely evenings sitting with the sea breezes, a bottle of wine and a damn good catch up.

What is most amazing though is that a large majority of the park guests are from Adelaide… and surrounding areas. I am not sure of percentages, but it would have to be over the 50%!!  Its a great place to holiday {Glenelg, the city, Harbour town, west lakes, golfing and gorgeous beaches} that us locals can’t get enough and we flock in droves to get our piece of beach heaven yearly.

And now that I am bringing my own family along, this is my eldest daughters 5 time, we have begun the tradition for the next generation. Who I hope will grow up to have fond memories of this place too – only I hope their late night activities will not be anything like what myself and Ali used to get up too…….



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  1. January 6, 2012 10:58 pm

    We didn’t book in this year because we moved. It is so amazing there though.

    Maybe next year!

    • January 7, 2012 11:00 pm

      Wow… see more Adelaidians… we know that we have the best park and continue to utilise it!

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