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Photo challenge…. for January

January 1, 2012

I dont often go for challenges, as usually my busy life gets in the way… but this year things are changing 🙂

So while reading a local gals great blog Sassying It Up I saw she is taking part in this challenge – and I thought…yes… this is simple and not too drawn out. Its perfect for me.

You can find the Challenge here,  at Fat Mum Slim’s blog. I have yet to look over at her blog – as I am jumping on the challenge bandwagon super fast and not stopping to read {just yet..} but I will go and have a look after.

So its a photo a day for the month of Jan…

Todays is:


Jan 1st - You

So here I am today.

Hair all crazy and crusty from swimming all day in a salt water pool, on a hot 41deg New Years Day.

Cheeks ruddy from too much time in the sun.

Bags under the eyes from being up way too late, getting up far too early.

But you know… thats how you will find me most days this summer 🙂

and Im cool with that.


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