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January 1, 2012

Is good really – and seeing I have NO idea what I am doing when it comes to ‘puter stuff – I will fumble until I get a colour combo I like.

So stick with me – I will get it right soon enough 🙂


As you can see from my last post – I have swum all day. Its nice to be cool, but the food that I have to be near to do so is scary and dangerous! I tried to not pick today, but I didnt suceed overly well and I have a bloated tum to show for the fingers to mouth action. It remains an eternal vice I will need to continue working on.

Today being a 41deg day – and sunday, meant that getting out to the gym was impossible, and going to bed at 2am meant that getting up early for a walk before the heat was laughable 🙂 Tomorrow – the kids are off for a sleep over and I plan on heading out to do something – not sure what as the day is a PH so still no gym and temps will be 40 odd again. Might just have to make use of my parents treadmill, a podcast and then the pool after….

After so much indulgence over the chrissy week – I am struggling to keep my intake of sugar to a minimum or a zero. Especially spending hours at my parents. I am taking my own food, but hot coconut slices are offered round with cups of tea {I know in 41deg!!! ludicrous I tell ya…} are tough to say no to, but I do have to keep start saying ‘no thanks’ . It is what makes me feel better, and ultimately will look better.

I attended two NYE parties last night – and after tracking a full day I took all my own food and vowed to not eat any nibbles… remember?? And I successfully at only my own food. Yeah go me!! I felt so good when I left. I just need to keep that feeling in the front of my brain {or wherever its needs to be, to be recalled FAST} and in a few shorts months I should be feeling more like my old self.

Putting on a few more and then a few more kg’s this year has left me feeling yucky, bloated and roley poley… and while I would hope to be able to get back down to my goal weight within this year {2012}  – I am at the moment focusing on just getting back to feeling good again and eating right. Then I will begin to get serious with my work on the kg’s.

But now – time for bed.

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