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Giving thanks… to a fresh start.

December 30, 2011

That tomorrow is a new day.

For the fact that I am able to get up and begin the day fresh and start it by eating a healthy meal.


Today did not go as planned.

At All.

A planned walk with a friend last night and this morning took a wrong turn somewhere and never happened.

My normal gym classes are all stopped due to christmas. So my plans for one of them was halted.

Treadmills were full – due to lack of classes

I lost a cover for one of my earbuds – and had to leave it unfound somewhere near the elliptical machines…. which were also v.busy.

The treadmills began to short themselves, the tv’s and the fans out.

The one treadmill I got felt like it was a conveyer belt full of rocks – it was terrible.

My podcast had a lady who whistled her ‘S’s… not good when you only have one and have to have it lounder to combat the busy ful treadies.

After 30 mins I gave up.


I went swimming and was fed and ate lots of food that I didnt need.

I went to my parents, went swimming and ate lots of food that I didnt need.

I have come home late, with tired and too-long-in-the-sun kids and I feel bloated and yuck.

So thank goodness I can start the day again tomorrow. sigh.


My plan for tomorrow is to start tonight, by looking at what food I will need & to get out the freezer what needs to come out. To put out my breakie stuff, and to begin to think about how I am going to eat healthy good food. About how I dont want to or need to pick at nibbles at the NYE parties i am going to tomorrow.

I have done it before and I can do it again. All that food will be here forever – I wont miss out on having it ever again…..I know that.

For after all I have tried it all last week, and Im sure it still tastes great – and it will still taste just as great when I have it the next time. I can recall the taste and will be fine with that. I do not need any more of that food to rest around my hips and chin at this point in time.

I am going to help tomorrows healthy and {happy 😉 } fit me out by going to bed very soon. By not turning the TV on, and by laying out all my workout clothes for a early 1+hr walk. I need it, phyically and mentally – to begin to get my exercise mojo back – especially after the disaster of this morning.

I am committing to tracking tomorrow. I need to carry on – as if today never occured.


Right – Mental dump is written. Plan is made for tomorrow and now to bed.

Thanks xx

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