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Back to normal – thank goodness!

December 29, 2011

edited to add>>> Be Warned…. this blog contains a gentle RANT :mrgreen:


You know I love the build up… I blogged about it… thats how much I love it.

And yes I enjoy THE day and all that comes with it – especially the first part in the morning when the kids are excited, and bouncing round and goggled eyed at the ‘splendor’ and ‘indulgence’ of all those gifts!!!

but after that I feel the shine begins to wear.


You see we both come from big families – J’s far far bigger than mine…

& to add to the biggness – its a split family

so we see one part of his at lunch and one at dinner.

With mine Christmas Eve, Chrissy morning and then again on Boxing Day.

Which makes lots of driving,  3 christmas meals in 24hrs, 3 times the pudding, 3 times the gifts, 3 times the gentle nudge to make the kids be polite and not ask when the next gift will be given.

Dont get me wrong – I enjoy it all, and appreciate that we can all be together and also appreciate that I have all of them to share and to love…

It just wears a bit thin and the over indulgence of it all gets to me at the end of those 48 hours.


I hate that we have to cram in seeing everyone, and eating everything into such a small space of time.

I want a christmas where the events are evenly spread out.

So that the lovingly made food can be enjoyed and appreciated, not just used as an achievement notch on the belt for being able to stuff that much in – in that small space of time.

I want to spend some time with my kids on that happy day, I want my kids to enjoy some time with their new gifts without being made to pack up and hit the road for the next event. Poor things were dragged to 8 different ‘do’s’ in 4 days.

Next year – I want to do things differently.

And I will.

Perhaps I can time this blog to re-appear in my calendar in September to remind me of how i felt this side of the ‘Big Day’

Anyway – now that I AM on the other side of the Big Day I look back with fondness, but I also look back with resolve to change it so that my kids remember their childhood christmas days as one full of fun, rather than being dragged tired and grumpy to the next event where they have to be polite to relies hardly seen.


 So onto the ‘other side’

 Yesterday I woke up early from a rough sleep – one that was filled with crazy dreams and a midnight-startled-wake-up that reminded me of a forgotten thought…. oh shite I have to work tomorrow!!!

Its a shame as the night before I indulged in something I rarely get to to…. I fell into bed giddy and happy on deliciously crisp SA white wine – consumed with great friends while playing a summers game of trivial pursuit. So much fun. What a way to end the high….

Work went well, but lack of sleep, too much wine, too too many days of indulgence and way way way too much running around gave the old migraine maker a quick and easy entrance into my head.  I went back to bed at 10am and resurfaced at 3pm…. in time to say ‘bye’ to the kids heading off for a sleep over {normally I am happy to say goodbye for some me time…but I felt like I had hardly seen them for days…}. Time too for me to head back to work.

So day one of getting back on track was over, and all I had managed to achieve was to eat more crappy food so that I could shove pain relief tabs down.

Today was day one again, and upon waking and feeling like a human again, I set about cleaning up this house that had seen several times ‘dump the new stuff, grab more stuff and lets go’. Our whole house was such a mess!

But I did manage to eat well, and I even tracked too  – keeping within my daily allowance! Success for day one.

Tomorrow I have more time and plan to exercise as well as tracking.

I did WI this week and it was not pretty – not at all.  I know what I ate, and I enjoyed it all, so I am not overly worried by the gain. Although I do think though that a lot of it is fluid… from eating food I do not normally eat – especially in quick succession… day after day. I know that by getting back on track and drinking lots of water, I will be able to shift it easily. I just have to spend some days concentrating, and do my sugar weaning as well. The fog will lift and I will feel like ‘me’ again.

And you know what?? I look forward to it!

Here's to less chins next christmas....

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